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OK, but isn't formula already designed to give babies the same nutrients. And it doesn't go bad in powder form. Seems like a better solution.

Now, actual human breast milk is a better solution, given that it has the "exact" nutrient mix. On top of that, the baby can get antibodies from the mom.

So, in short 1) human breast milk; 2) formula; something way down the list) modified cow's milk
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I was taking my almost 3-year-old to swimming lessons. We passed a pickup that must have just picked up new hedges at the nursery. My daughter starts laughing and asks me why there are trees in the back of that truck. I explain that the man is probably taking the trees home to plan them in his yard. She responds with, "Maybe he is taking them to a different kind of swimming where trees get to swim with eachothe." My only response was, "Maybe."

Heart Attack - XL - Military Green
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Muppet proposals are a gateway drug. It's a horrible 2-step process. First, you propose as a muppet. Second, you're doomed to the life of a furry fetishism.
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@vonskippy - I'm more upset that they don't get the concept of building your version bigger than the previous record holder. You aren't going to get into a serious gundam-building war unless you make yours 10% taller than Japan's.
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