Taxi of Tomorrow

Say goodbye to the bland Ford Crown Victoria taxi and meet the future New York cab, a minivan by Nissan called the NV200, which won "The Taxi of Tomorrow" competition:

... the announcement by Mayor Bloomberg that within the next few years, all new taxis in New York will be a special model, manufactured by Nissan, called the NV200. Nissan won an official city competition to design a new prototype to replace the Ford Crown Victoria, the banal, inefficient, and uncomfortable sedan that for the last decade or more has been the vehicle of choice for most taxi-fleet owners.


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These better at least be made in America. Not that I am really all that patriotic, but really, this vehicle is to represent the American can-do spirit that made New York the international powerhouse it is today. And, 'second' to the gas-burner swing and miss. Personally, I have no problem with the design itself as it seems to be a case of form following function. Since I don't live in New York, all I really care about is if it works for me when I visit. On a sentimental level, I do miss the old Checker Cab. Maybe Detroit should have stepped up and placed bids following the neo-retro looks of the new Dodge Challenger, Chevy Camaro or Chevy SSR. Ultimately, as a designer, I know the bids had to follow very specific guidelines of functionality, so maybe that route was ruled out before the first sketches were rendered.
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I can't read the New Yorker from work, but I have a big question for Mayor Bloomberg. Aren't you interested in helping Detroit? As a Metro-Detroiter, there was much interest shown in your idea of allowing unlimited immigration as long as the people settled in Detroit. The idea has some merit, as long as there are jobs available in Detroit. You aren't going to help the Detroit job situation if you buy an entire taxi fleet from Nissan! Can't a city get a bone over here?
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This is awful. I don't see how this could ever be more comfortable than the Vic. It also looks really bad. The old checker cabs and the Vics at least had character.
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