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Vactung! (achtung!)

i like the word poo. better than some alternatives. (also the british equivalent of 'poop,' from what i can tell. and that makes it funnier. proper impropriety.)
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Just out of interest, how far do these lawsuits go? I mean, are they actually treated seriously? Are they taking time away from actual, real, lawsuits and other official court/lawer business?

Becasue if they are, thats just messed up.
"Im sorry sir, I haven't gotten round to dealing with your claim against the business that put toxic waste in your food because I've been busy dealing with this guy's lawsuit against the cloud that rained on him yesterday..."
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"Why can’t a table eat itself? Tables support food, but why can’t they BE food too?"

Because I don't want a pile of mulch in my living room?
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Now granted, I didn't read the paper that I'm sure they published on this but your header says they've "proved" how seahorses evolved to swim standing up. So where's the proof? Saying "grass is upright, and so are the seahorses, therefore that's WHY they're upright" doesn't sound very scientific to me... What about all those creatures that live inthe long grass that haven't evolved to swim upright. How come they survived?
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Um, aren't cycles usually, y'know, cyclical? As in, they end up back where they started? This doesn't. Its less a circle and more of a straight line.
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