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I stopped watching the billion movie when it said that you'd be born in 1959 if you were a billion seconds old. Less than a minute prior it said that if you paid a dollar a second it would take 31 years. So unless this clip was made in 1990, it wouldn't make sense. But it wasn't since our national debt was $9T last summer.
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It does look a lot like bacon, and maybe a little less than an actual sagittal image through the knee. There are small things wrong with the image (patella too high, orange thing doesn't correspond to anatomy .. unless it's supposed to a baker's cyst in which case it's in the wrong spot, black thing coming off the back of the femur should be the PCL by the way it's shaped, but the tibia is shaped like a hockey stick instead of a golf tee, which means that it's the lateral plateau... the PCL comes off the femur medially not laterally), but overall good effort. I applaud.
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Functional MRI is extremely nonspecific and very prone to error as shown multiple times over and over again. There has been a tremenous number of studies using fMRI as a methodology to test hypotheses such as this, mainly so that people can ge their names on papers. Take everything with a grain of salt. - A Boston based radiology resident (doctor)
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If you're young and you "save for a rainy day," you're likely to be affected as your savings tend to be in more high risk assets such as domestic and international stocks. If you're older and saving, then maybe you have a significant amount of money in CDs and bonds, gardnering that 1-3% a year. After today, that will be more like 0.5-1% a year. Savings are affected all around.

That's not to mention the other things that happen, such as losing your job. That surely puts a damper on your monetary lifestyle.
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I was about to say something similar. Is slowing down the car or safety the endpoint? Sure, you may theoretically slow down someone, but that's because they're distracted trying to make sense of the sign.
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They're not really saying much helpful. The woman's voice says "He's coming after [the tail]" and "He [the baby] saw it [the snake] now" right when the baby looks at the cobra's head. The man's voice is mainly egging the child on, though much of it I can't make out. They don't say anything about the cobra per se (re: defang or mouth stitch). I obviously understand the language, which makes me come from the same part of India, but I have no clue what the hell these people are doing. It's not a cultural thing. It's a single family thing.
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this type of procedure has been done on people who have certain forms of dwarfism, to make their arms and legs average length. not sure i would go through with it, though.
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