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well, they must have been wearing those super-high-power magnification goggles...

wikipedia tells me that the human egg is 100 to 200 micrometers in diameter.

200 micrometers is 0.02 milimeters, or 0.007874 inches. (thanks, Internets)

but yeah, human eggs look a lot like caviar. perhaps less gamey tasting, though. i'll never know.

the bbc article has more info, and it will tickle your anglophilic tendencies. full stop.

when the egg exits the follicle, it is "surrounded by a jelly-like substance containing cells. [so, that big yellow thing is its cushiony clothing, not just the egg]

The egg itself is only the size of a full-stop, and the whole ovary, which contains many immature eggs, just a couple of inches long."
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so, was proctology invented before or after anesthesiology?

incidentally, anesthesiologists are the highest-paid specialty among doctors. now we know why.

thanks, docs!
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please tell me that whenever you decide to nuke something technological in your microwave, you don't ever put food in there again.

it's fun to make old CDs and DVDs go sparkle and pop, but how do you know you're not releasing carcinogens into all the food warm up thereafter?
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ampersand is not a punctuation mark. it's a character that stands for a word. it is actually formed from the letters E and T, as "et" is the Latin word for "and." Back when printing presses began to dominate bookmaking, much of the books were written in Latin - the lingua franca of the era - so they could be distributed and sold in several countries.
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i know that the internet is flooded with american-made content... but if all the billboards were in berlin, how come none of the search terms were in german?
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Mushroom Mushroom!

and we all know where mushrooms grow.... on poo!


Droppings! Droppings!


Coffee Coffee!
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sounds kind of rude. here's a greeting card, you idiot who did bad things. boo on you! i'm better than you and sent this card to rub it in. bleh.
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forwarded to a friend, and this is his answer for strong vs. bolld:

"Strong vs. bold – strong is a semantic element. It can be interpreted by different technologies to provide the appropriate emphasis for the media used to deliver the content e.g. pitch change in a screen reader [voice output for blind users], or darker larger stroked characters in print.

Bold is a print only related element. Bold is how strong is implemented in print. Semantically, bold should not be interpreted by a screen reader…but in practice it is treated as the strong element.

It’s a nuance standardista thing. In html I always use strong, it’s semantically correct and whatever media is used to provide the content to the user the emphasis will be correct."
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