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I took it as it was intended, a pixelated cloud building thing. But now that the WTC has been mentioned I can't unsee the WTC in it. Neat idea, I hope they build it for the sake of a neat idea and don't try to turn it into a political statement.
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Add me to the list of people that do see regular and liberal political content and would like to see it stop. Maybe that's "neat" on a political or liberal blog but it's a bit jarring here and I dislike it. I'd dislike it even if I agreed with it I suppose, but since I've never read a liberal bashing post here I can't really say. Not looking for equal air time, I'm just hoping the political content stops.
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I hate when the political posts pop up here. Don't have a strong opinion on this issue either way, but this doesn't fit my criteria of "neat". (Not my site, entitled to your opinion, plenty of other sites... just my $0.02)
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hmmm... i may have miscounted, but the number of these words with more than 1 syllable is about 6 in the top 100 and the first one doesn't come until number 45.
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A "cure" for cancer using this method will undoubtably have consequences. Limit cell growth or regeneration or differentiation? I'd hate to be injured when I can't heal.
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I thought Chaplin decided to wear Hitler's moustache while he acted foolish... to make Hitler look foolish, too. (not that he wasn't... but not everyone could see see his folly at the time)
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$100 bill abound. They're the highest denomination available so they make sense for large physical cash transactions. Maybe they are more associated with drug deals but go to any casino, and you'll see plenty.
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I don't know if I should take taka's bait from comment 20 and 21. He/she corrects himself/herself on write vs. right but leaves the one of the most potent misuses of a phrase that drives grammar nazis insane hanging..... I'll just leave it be.
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they better come up with a latex-free version. many many people have very severe respiratory latex allergies... even when they are just in proximity to it, not even touching it. breathing in latex fumes can cause respiratory issues and even anaphalactic shock. oops.
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