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As an European, we think it's hilarious when you think of anything in the 1800s as ancient history.

My first job was for a company founded 1288, and my town still has __wooden__ houses from the 1100s.
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As an outsider - Sweden - I keep wondering why USA elects a King with political powers. Because that's what it is, in effect.

Everyone else either has presidents without political power or monarchy without political power. Power usually resides with ministry of state or prime minister, which needs a majority to form a government. No deadlocks between the democratic chambers.

Sweden _is_ currently without central part of the government, but we have a shadow government and a budget ANYWAY. Nothing stops working, budget is still passed... And the king is, of course, without political power.
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While UV photography is interesting, birds vision is even MORE interesting than this - they see colours we can't even imagine. Where we have three base colours (red, green, blue, as seen in HTML colour) - they have four. They are tetrachromatic.
So instead of our black, red, green, yellow, blue, purple, cyan and white corners, they have 16 corner colours. We're colourblind compared to them.
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I usually just go to IKEA to do the impulse buying anyway, but quality has lowered to the point I don't really want much stuff from them.

Also beware, most other stores including your supermarket also does this.
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Don't all modern cars have start-stop function? Ie, they will do this automatically. Including starting the motor to run the AC when it's needed. My car did the last 6 years... (2012 model)
It doesn't save super much, it's in the range of 0-2 percent if I recall correct.
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1) the alkaline battery is still less hazardous (it's not even listed as hazardous) than most other battery types we use. Lithium is certainly not better.

2) the DVD is outdated indeed, but the optical drive numbers should at least be from bluray. (Still slower, but much cheaper to produce than solid state cards.) Both should be outdated because we download or stream everything these days.
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We don't get paid for the first day. The following days we get paid 80% of normal (unless we have extra insurance); staying home with sick small kids gives money from and including the first day though.

In many jobs it's also ok to work from home now and then for various reasons including stuff like "I'm waiting for a package from UPS" or "I'm watching the handyman redecorating my livingroom". It's pretty relaxed.

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*looks at the bottle of Da Bomb Beyond Insanity on the table*
*glances at the Carolina Reaper plant in the corner*

Thanks Cristophe for a more complete chart. :D
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I don't agree with his style of walking. Most that do any form of barefoot martial art wouldn't agree - he forget to use the knees, to bend the knees. I've seen demonstrations of medieval swordfighting that also forgets to bend the knees. It looks hilariously awkward.

Compare his style:
To people studying techniques like Lichtenauer:

Pretty sure ballet dancers also bend the knees more:
look how much she bends her rear knee.
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