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Americans Have No Idea How Much Fuel Idling Uses

People look at me like I'm nuts because I turn off my engine while waiting in line at a drive-through. I've been told that if you are going to be still more than 20 seconds, you're better off turning your car off. Yes, we have to wait longer than that at stoplights, but in most places, it is illegal to turn off your engine at an intersection. So I'm saving fuel waiting for Taco Bell to fill the orders in front of me, probably incorrectly, while the SUVs around me are roaring the whole time. This guy explains how the formula is determined, which involves some math, but stick with it. Turns out that 20 seconds was a generous guess.

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Start-stop motors are popular in Germany, which does get winters. The thing is, the start-stop function is smart enough to do it only when the engine temperature is within the proper range. I have done tests of driving a Smart Fortwo with the eco function on and with it off for2 kilometres each trial, in city traffic. Using the eco mode does save a few litres.
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Don't all modern cars have start-stop function? Ie, they will do this automatically. Including starting the motor to run the AC when it's needed. My car did the last 6 years... (2012 model)
It doesn't save super much, it's in the range of 0-2 percent if I recall correct.
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Meanwhile, here, everyone talks about how they need their air conditioning. I only wish I could afford to add freon (or whatever they use these days) to my car.
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