Historical Reenactor Demonstrates How People Walked In Medieval Times

People don't give much thought to the way they walk these days, and unless you're a runway model or you're trying to master a silly walk most people just walk the way they walk and talk the way they talk.

But back in the Middle Ages people had a ball heavy way of walking that looks a bit odd by today's standards, like a catburglar creeping silently across the floor or a ballerina about to kick up into a pirouette.

If those descriptions don't paint enough of a picture for you then watch historical reenactor Roland Warzecha from Hamburg, Germany demonstrate how to "Walk Medieval!":

The way that you walk is a very natural one. You put the ball of the foot onto the ground first. …the reason for this is pretty simple because… you sense your way, you feel your way. So like when I walk through grass I do it the same when I’m barefoot, if there’s a wasp or a slug or whatever, you sense it before your whole body weight is on falling onto it, as opposed to walking heel first.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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I don't agree with his style of walking. Most that do any form of barefoot martial art wouldn't agree - he forget to use the knees, to bend the knees. I've seen demonstrations of medieval swordfighting that also forgets to bend the knees. It looks hilariously awkward.

Compare his style: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zR4kQP_Be0o
To people studying techniques like Lichtenauer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ln94E9AGYTc

Pretty sure ballet dancers also bend the knees more:
look how much she bends her rear knee.
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