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My university had something like this - a $26 movie pass where you could watch as many as you wanted in a quarter (10 weeks) Movies were $5 each, so if you watched at least 6 it was a deal. However, I was always too busy with my work to go to six movies!
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@algomeysa - it certainly wasn't the Nubians who built the pyramids either. The slaves would have most likely been Egyptian subjects. Also, many tombs are found with worker figurines (shawabti) who are being watched by an overseer, generally meant to be either the person interred or a subordinate of his. Thousands would have been required to build the pyramids (and the temples, and the palaces), and certainly not all of them could have been master masons.

As for humans "not being that special": find a species that combines all of the traits listed - language, emotions, self-consciousness, tool-making - besides us. Yeah, crows and chimps ain't got it.
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