Life-Sized Piglet Made out of Pork

Sophie H. Powell and Bonnie Moriarty made this life-sized piglet out of bacon and sausage in order to:

[...] illustrate how pigs are born into this world entirely to be eaten. Even when free range they are trapped by their original purpose.

Link -via @itscolossal

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the when part was in reference to the fact of its death, not the time. I meant that a pig doesn't care THAT it dies. It feels no fear of death. Yes, absolutely it can feel terror if it dies poorly, but if slaughtered humanely, I don't think it feels much of anything. And I absolutely agree that ALL animals, whether destined for the plate, or anywhere else, should be treated well. It's just the right thing to do, and frankly they taste better when they're happy anyway!
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I am also not a vegetarian, however I do care deeply about the manner in which my meat is raised and butchered.

-and it doesn't give a shit when it dies, because it's a pig for chrissakes.-

Of course it doesn't care WHEN it dies, but im sure it cares HOW it dies and if was abused and hurt in the process. Those who carelessly say, bacon is good! without fully understanding where that bacon comes from are fooling themselves. If any meat lover took the time to see the horrific way animals are treated in americas slaughterhouses, im sure you might change your tune. I eat meat, but I take the time to search out farms that are cruelty free and certified humane. Farms that allow their animals to live like they would in the wild, not crammed into pens with no room to move while they defecate all over each other. If they are good enough to consume, than they should be good enough to be treated with respect.
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