Mexico: Home to the World's Most Dangerous Drivers?

Think that the guy driving next to you on the I-95 is bad? Well, he's Mr. Good Driver compared to the lawless drivers of Mexico.

Here's a scary statistics from The Economist:

SIX out of ten road deaths worldwide take place in just 12 countries, one of which is Mexico. Dented doors and battered bumpers are backed up by official figures: every year some 24,000 people lose their lives on Mexico’s potholed roads, almost double the number that die at the hands of its drug mafias. A further 600,000 are injured. The World Health Organisation reckons that, along with mountainous Peru and misgoverned Venezuela, Mexico has the most dangerous roads in Latin America.

In Mexico’s case the main problem is the drivers. Fourteen of Mexico’s 32 states, home to just over half the population, grant licences without setting a practical driving test. Three of those 14 run compulsory courses which students pass merely by attending. Five others have multiple-choice written exams, but they are not very hard. For example: “If on entering the vehicle we find the windscreen dirty”, one (incorrect) option is “to drive fast to clean it”. In six areas, including Mexico City, there is no compulsory training or test of any sort. Applicants in the capital need only pay 604 pesos ($45). [...]

Mexico was not always so freewheeling. Until the 1990s driving tests were near-universal, but it took unusual robustness of character to pass without paying a bribe. Rather than tackle corruption, some states simply abolished the test. Others followed suit in order to attract applicants (and income) from out-of-state residents.

Link (Illustration: Claudio Munozs)

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No way !The brazilians kill and die more than all countries in the world: 100 people die here each day.
Every year 36.000 people lost their lifes in streets and roads.It's a war or worse...
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I don't know where in Mexico the writter of the article went, but the road infrastructure in Mexico is quite good. Yes, there are potholed streets. But all main streets, those where you can go high speed, are pretty good. The potholes are not the main cause of road deaths, the main cause is drunk driving. And yes, there are alcoholimeter checkpoints all over the major cities. The fines are pretty high and you can be arrested for 3 days on first offence.

I feel this article is just bashing Mexico. The roads and the drivers are no that bad.
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