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Hi Charles,
Thanks for your kind support. I know that dad has said that he doesn't think he has anything to be sorry for. It's very hard to forgive someone who won't apologize for one act of abuse, let alone years of abuse. I will consider writing the letter, but I don't know if I will send it.
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Thanks, Alex. It's so lovely that your little ones have a great daddy in you. <3
Unlike some women who grow up with abusive fathers, I am happy to say that I married a wonderful man almost 25 years ago. He has been an awesome husband and a great daddy to our children. I am so grateful for him.
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I'm struggling with this right now. My father was the alcoholic abuser, and my mother let him physically and emotionally abuse herself and us kids. (She had multiple opportunities to leave, but didn't.) I turned out pretty well; unfortunately, my brother has behavior similar to dad's.

Dad is dying, but he is still verbally abusive; if he had the strength, he would be physically abusive. My mom can't understand why my brother and I still resent Dad's abuse, and her neglect to do anything to save us. She also engages in a fair amount of revisionist history in discussing the past (and no, she does not have dementia).

I've been working with a counselor on this topic, and what we've decided is that - no matter Dad's or Mom's behavior - I have to be able to handle things in a way that I can look back and be proud of my behavior. Maybe someday I'll get to a place of forgiveness, but as for now, I am settling for behaving in a dignified and decent way towards my abuser and his helpmate.
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All year round, I save 40-80% off my family's grocery bill using coupons and store specials -- that translates to "real money."

I also grow a large organic kitchen garden, which we eat from immediately in the spring, summer, and fall. The veg and herbs that I put up we eat in the winter, and augment with sale/coupon items from the grocery store. After the intial investment for tools and fencing, the garden costs about $100 for the three seasons.

However, the smile on my son's face as he picks a tomato and eats it in the summer sun is priceless. :-)
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I was born on GHD and care about animal welfare, so I feel I have authority to say this:

You media whores at PETA do nothing to further your cause when you crusade against harmless activities such as GHD and Punxy Phil. Get a grip.

You come off as silly nitwits, and have done far more harm than good to the cause of TRULY helping animals. As someone who has raised funds for animal welfare, I have seen first hand how our donations go down -- way down -- after you pull stupid stunts such as this.

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Considering that he beat the bejesus out of Kelly LeBrock when they were married, I hope for her sake no one gives that asshat a gun.
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Meh, my older boy walked at exactly 9 months. It was July 4th -- his Independence Day and the end of mine as I could no longer contain him! :-D

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And a note to everyone else: I'm a Christian and I am appalled at the nasty tone and language that Mother Hubbard posted here. Please don't believe this troll's drival...most of the Christians I know are kind, thoughtful, and open to scientific research and new ideas.
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1 - the number of purses that were stolen as my American History/ComputerWorld award group had our photo taken on the lawn of the old Smithsonian building. And it was mine.
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I have one of the coveted White House Easter Eggs with a Socks the cat paw print and his name. My son found it at the Easter Egg Roll. RIP Socks.
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