DNA is DNA is DNA, Right?

At one point in time in my graduate studies, I stopped being surprised at weird biological discoveries because, as one of my college professors said, when it comes to science, "there's an exception to every rule, including this one" (think about it for a minute).

But this discovery by Morris Schweitzer and colleagues at McGill University and Montreal's Jewish General Hospital revealed something that is mind boggling: your DNA may not be the same in different cells in your body:

Research by a group of Montreal scientists calls into question one of the most basic assumptions of human genetics: that when it comes to DNA, every cell in the body is essentially identical to every other cell.

Except for cancer, samples of diseased tissue are difficult or even impossible to take from living patients. Thus, the vast majority of genetic samples used in large-scale studies come in the form of blood. However, if it turns out that blood and tissue cells do not match genetically, these ambitious and expensive genome-wide association studies may prove to have been essentially flawed from the outset.


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And a note to everyone else: I'm a Christian and I am appalled at the nasty tone and language that Mother Hubbard posted here. Please don't believe this troll's drival...most of the Christians I know are kind, thoughtful, and open to scientific research and new ideas.
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God does love complicated DNA. I earned three degrees to study it so yes, I know. But God's sense of humor is very well developed unlike that of those who troll this site. Am implying that some evolutionist fool will screw up the logic behind the beauty and complexity of DNA to FIT their own machinations and theory. Get it now geniuses? Thought so...

BTW, the Lord has used some rather "dirty" language to describe those who drink from the god of this world's fountain. Might want to brush up on scripture but I suspect you all are too good for that.
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