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Yeah, you know his career choice was inspired by personal vendetta, not just wanting to be a rich lawyer. That's a good thing?
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This guy is smart! He knows statistics, and so knows there's no real danger in doing what he's doing! Also has the wisdom to value unique life experiences!

Anyone who thinks this guy is crazy needs to frankly become more familiar with the situation or examine their judgement processes, with all due respect! :)
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Yes, it's soft reasons like this that nobody thinks to consider.

Or maybe it's the fact that the criminal mentality is simply less popular in our society nowadays, more looked down upon, not as often glamorized. Could it be maybe? (The same mentality difference between small towns and big cities, in some way?)
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They're eating the butter squares and condiment packages on the plane. That's why it tastes odd.
Heh :)

I wonder if Google could be their best friend here...
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