Cultural Differences

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Cultural differences can manifest themselves in ways people never consider until they cross from one culture to another. In this clip, refugees from Sudan encounter America for the first time, and find it quite different from their homeland. This is from the 2006 National Geographic movie God Grew Tired of Us.  -via reddit

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At my work there are a few folk from different areas of Africa. One of the men who works on my hall seemed to be adjusting quite well and it was fun to pick out the British terms he used on occasion(plaster for band-aid) One day however he came to ask for a good butcher shop where he could buy horses hooves so that he could make gelatin for his children. He was quite surprised and pleased that he could just prepare some Jello and on top of it all it would already be flavored.
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I saw this post yesterday and was very interested so I watched the movie on Netflix last night. I was nearly moved to tears. I had to call my wife into the room. "You've got to see this!" I told her. While I was watching the film, all I could think to myself was "Wow." I was floored. It was one of the most amazing things I have seen in a long time. A great experience and an insane film. Thank you so much for the post.
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They're eating the butter squares and condiment packages on the plane. That's why it tastes odd.
Heh :)

I wonder if Google could be their best friend here...
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