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I looked at all the photos of the "anti" fashion models. They are not so different from current model standards: predominantly young, light-skinned, symmetrical, very thin and photogenic. The only thing "edgy" are armpit hair, piercings and tattoos. The very last model photo shows a beautiful young woman with a curvy, average size body. She's the only slight variation from standard waif in the whole pack.

Trumping traditional beauty standards means people of all skin colors, age, body size and looks are styled and photographed in such a way that it brings out their individual beauty. That would be avant-garde.
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Get rid of tipping. Raise minimum wage, or strengthen unionization and allow effective collective bargaining. Tipping is such a minefield. I hate lists like these because I feel like either I'm going to get it wrong and either be yelled at and secretly mistreated in the future, or overtip and thus contribute to the evil that is "optional required tipping". I nearly always pick up food because I get nervous about tipping. Just charge me a clear delivery fee up front. Hotels are worse - the more expensive the hotel, the more confused I get about what I am "supposed" to do. I never knew that people tipped the room cleaner until I was in my 20s. I don't even want to think about taking most cruise holidays with all of its mysterious "recommended" and "customary" tipping practices. I moved to Sweden, where there are no tipped employees and tipping is rare. (Effective unionization means about $14/hour minimum wage + state health care and retirement even without a minimum wage law.) Service is as good as in the US, my confusion level has dropped, and I don't have this odd social imbalance where I'm paying "the help" who are beneath me - do you tip your doctor?
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While this is a funny bit, the offender as much admits to (frequently) parking where he should not and then makes sport of people only trying to do their job. Not a nice person at all.
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Why would anyone call her out? What would anyone call her out for?

I don't understand the venom that she's getting on reddit. Yes, she dresses in skimpy outfits. She likes the attention. But she's also creating original 3d designs and printing and implementing them.

I can understand why they might find her clothing distracting. I don't understand why they're getting angry at her. And I don't see her accusing anyone of sexual harassment.
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If reality TV has taught us anything, it's that it is a *very* bad idea for society when we start rewarding bad/angry behavior. :(
I'd rather Mars initiate a rewards system when we're kinder and more humane to one another.
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If everyone just stopped paying attention to this subject matter, it would go away on its own. Of course, by merely commenting this becomes a self defeating argument ;)
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