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Dead/missing mothers/parents is a huge part of the folkloric tradition and storytelling in general. It gives young protagonists a natural sympathy and a reason to be on their own without having them come from bad origins (cf. Harry Potter, Batman, etc, etc). I don't know anything about Dumbo, but the source stories for Cinderella and Bambi already came with dead mothers.
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Obviously Starbuck's lawyers are going to win, as they should, because (while perhaps equally stupid and disgusting) that is clearly not at all the same drink and it's hardly like that cafe came up with the idea of a unicorn.
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Four or five of these could be condensed into wear comfortable clothes for the flight and bring a change of professional clothes in your carry-on. Traveling with a friend as a teenager, her bags got lost and she had to borrow clothes for the next few days. It was no big deal at the time, but the experience taught me to always put my essentials for the next day or so in my carry-on just in case.
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I think you are exactly right. It's needlessly complicated and completely unfair. I'd rather have tips included in my bill. I have never had problems with service in countries where tipping is not expected! So many people in the service industry get treated badly because someone's had a bad day and need someone to take it out on (like that lovely post going around facebook a while back about putting the tip on the table at the beginning of the meal and taking dollars away). Not to mention all the issues of prejudices and racism that feed into the inequalities in American tipping practices!
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That sounds like a completely made up answer. I doubt that anyone working for Disney was designing Cinderella's dress and thinking "this is so empowering." It probably has more to do with 1) the color schemes in the movies and what looks good on the characters and 2) the fact that "blue" designates a whole lot greater range of hue, shade, and intensity than say "yellow."
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I understand the objection, but I think the criticism is a little misdirected. There's something to be said about the abstract design of the memorial that it invites this kind of interaction. It' not as if the Germans couldn't have chosen a different approach that wouldn't invite this kind of disrespect. I lived in Oregon for a while and once stumbled across the Holocaust Memorial at Washington Park. I had no idea that it was there or what it was, but it only took a moment to realize what it was and feel the impact.
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I can do the thumb thing. I don't think it's that unusual. A friend of mine can do it backwards and touch the top of her thumb to the back of her wrist, it makes my fingers hurt to watch it.
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The description of the last building says: "...the weirdest thing about this building is that it was designed so each room is facing the central garden. This is a new approach that we’ve not seen in any other type of architecture. Although it seems to work, it is well off of the beaten path and is definitely a new direction for modern architecture."

I would just like to point out that this is exactly how Roman villas were designed, everything faced the central courtyard. Even houses out in the country didn't have exterior facing windows. Nothing new under the sun.
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As someone who has lived in various parts of the south, I tend to differentiate between the "Old South" ie, confederate south, and the geographical "Deep South"
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