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Obviously Starbuck's lawyers are going to win, as they should, because (while perhaps equally stupid and disgusting) that is clearly not at all the same drink and it's hardly like that cafe came up with the idea of a unicorn.
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That sounds like a completely made up answer. I doubt that anyone working for Disney was designing Cinderella's dress and thinking "this is so empowering." It probably has more to do with 1) the color schemes in the movies and what looks good on the characters and 2) the fact that "blue" designates a whole lot greater range of hue, shade, and intensity than say "yellow."
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I can do the thumb thing. I don't think it's that unusual. A friend of mine can do it backwards and touch the top of her thumb to the back of her wrist, it makes my fingers hurt to watch it.
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The description of the last building says: "...the weirdest thing about this building is that it was designed so each room is facing the central garden. This is a new approach that we’ve not seen in any other type of architecture. Although it seems to work, it is well off of the beaten path and is definitely a new direction for modern architecture."

I would just like to point out that this is exactly how Roman villas were designed, everything faced the central courtyard. Even houses out in the country didn't have exterior facing windows. Nothing new under the sun.
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The babysitting thing is the most annoying to me. Why do so many people say a father is "babysitting" when he's watching his own kids? That's just parenting, dude, you'd never call it that if you were talking about a mother.
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I think it's a question of what copyright laws should/are about. I was told once that originally copyright laws were designed to protect creators and encourage them to keep creating. Modern copyright laws seem to be much more about protecting corporate rights than protecting creators or creativity.
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An Ancient Greek epigram:

You, walking by on the path, if perhaps you notice this memorial
do not laugh, please, because it is a dog's tomb,
I was mourned - the hands of my master covered me with dust
and he wrote these words on my gravestone.
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I used to work at an upscale bridal boutique, we even carried the official Disney wedding gowns for a while (which, by the way, look nothing like the dresses of the character they're supposed to evoke). It was a disheartening experience. These brides came in quite a few times (choosing dress, showing their choice to family/friends, measuring, multiple fittings, testing accessories, etc). It was amazing how much I got to know about their lives, their drama with their bridesmaids, their hairstyles and wedding colors and a million other things. These women and their parents were dropping thousands (oh you absolutely need this $700 sash! These are REAL swarovski crystals!), but I never ever heard a word about the groom.

I'm not saying that there aren't men out there who want Cinderella themed weddings. I just think this whole "it's the bride's day" mentality is a little ridiculous. Also, I felt bad for a number of brides and parents who felt so much pressure to pull off an elaborate wedding (REAL swarovski crystals! - it's glass, guys, no one is going to tell the difference if it's off-brand) that they took on more debt than they could handle.
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I wonder if someone thought of testing this when their archer fish kept spitting at them and not anyone else.

I have a very hard time recognizing faces, it's a little sad that fish are better than me when I've walked past my own friends and relatives without realizing who they were.
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