The Silly Side Of Star Wars Cosplay

The storylines in Star Wars may have happened a long, long time ago, but the epic battle between the imperialistic Empire and the idealistic Rebellion is still garnering new fans to this day.

It's surprising how enduring the Star Wars legacy has proven to be, but it's not surprising that many Star Wars fans enjoy dressing up like their favorite characters once in a while. Sometimes they go for serious or totally accurate, but when they go for silly things get really interesting!

1. Casual Chewbacca, R2-D2 and C-3PO-

The finest in home crafted cosplay- comfortable and easy to wear all day on the Con floor, yet detailed enough so people can tell who the heck you're pretending to be. R2 Unit upgrade = human legs.

(Image Link)

2. Gender Swapped Slave Leia with balloon sculpture Jabba-

This guy is proving he's a slave to fashion with his mighty revealing Slave Leia costume, and that awesome Jabba the Hutt balloon sculpture by his side shows he's not afraid to clown around a bit on the Con floor.

(Image Link)

3. Sexy C-3PO-

She's more than your average C-3 unit- her sexy look makes her a C-10!

(Image Link)

4. Elvis Vader-

When Elvis left the building he apparently left the entire planet and sought his new fortune in the stars. But how does he eat all those fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches with that kooky helmet on?

(Image Link)

5. Smoldering Gender Swapped Princess Leia-

This guy's so comfortable with his masculinity that he's rockin' Leia's outfit and twin buns hairdo and still manages to look smoldering, like a Marlboro ad on Alderaan.

(Image Link)

6. Homestyle Jabba and Slave Leia-

Some might call this a fail, but I say it's a win in both comfort and creative use of a sleeping bag as a costume. Besides, home cosplay is about having fun more than looking fabulous.

(Image Link)

7. Sexy Chewbacca-

How long did it take her to shave her arms and legs?

(Image Link)

8. Star Wars Back To The Beach-

How do Rebels like to unwind when they're taking a much needed vacation from battle? They like to hit a planet covered in beaches and work on their tans!

(Image Via Ricky Brigante/Flickr)

9. Yoda the Dog-

The Force is strong in this pooch, but he'd better watch his butt because it looks like the Ewoks are planning a sneak attack!

(Image Link)

10. Miss Death Star-

This is either the outfit tour guides wear on the Death Star or a dancer's costume worn in a musical tribute to all those Imperial troopers who lost their lives on that fateful day...

(Image Link)

11. Zombie Rebel Pilots and Slave Leia-

Leia's looking dead sexy, but the other three seem to be a bit under the weather.  

(Image Link)

12. Star Wars Ballet-

The best way to decide who wins a war in the stars is to dance it out!

(Image Link)

13. Trashy R2-D2, C-3PO and Leia-

There's budget cosplay and then there's this group, whose costumes can only be properly described as trashy.

(Image Link)

14. The Carbonite Kid-

He's just chillin', walking around the Con floor looking like a total square.

(Image Link)

15. Mushroom Kingdom Star Wars-

Itsa the obligatory Mario Bros mashup you've been waiting for, now with cool Force powers and swanky plumber's robes.

(Image Link)

16. Poca-Han Solo and Jedi Rapunzel-

Disney owns the Star Wars franchise, so these crossover costumes might be a sneak peek of a crossover event to come!

(Image Link)

17. Chewbacca the Dog-

When your dog looks this much like Chewbacca all you have to do is add a bandolier and some wind to complete the effect.

(Image Link)

18. Hipster R2-D2, C-3PO and Leia-

They were pew pewing and beep bop booping way before it was cool, and when they hit the Con floor those Jedis-come-lately get called out!

(Image Link)

19. Homemade Star Wars Costumes-

The homemade Star Wars costume battle began and ended that day when six friends decided to use the Force for the sake of pure entertainment!

The look on that Ewok man's face is priceless, but C-3PO Man might be suffering from liver failure, because his skin is looking mighty jaundiced.

(Image Link)

20. Doggy Dewback Costume-

Your dog can pretend to be a giant Dewback steed in comfort with this amazing costume that comes complete with plush stormtrooper rider, and you can take pictures that amaze and delight your fellow dog lovers!

(Image Link)

21. R2-D2 the Hello Kitty Edition-

As if R2-D2 wasn't cute enough already, combine that beep booping R2 unit's dome head with elements of Hello Kitty and you've got one darling droid!

(Image Link)

22. Sexy Boba Fett and Jawa-

They're simply the sexiest, and strangest, couple to ever attend Star Wars Celebration- a suave, bubblegum pink Boba Fett and a mysteriously seductive Jawa.

(Image Link)

23. R2-D2 Baby Storage Unit-

Our very own Jill Harness captured this image of Star Wars parenting done right on the Con floor- an R2 unit equipped with baby care functionality.

(Image Link)

24. Grandma Vader-

Finding out Darth was his father was surprising, but imagine the horror of discovering you've been getting force choked by your sweet lil Gam Gam! 

(Image Link)

25. Super Budget Star Wars-

Going super budget on purpose? Then you might as well go as crappy as possible, like this group who look like they spent less than a buck on their costumes and are totally lovin' the overall cheesiness of their homemade "costumes".

(Image Link)

26.  Predator Darth Maul-

Darth Maul not enough of a badass for you? Splice his genes with the most powerful predator in the galaxy and Jedi heads will roll!

(Image Link)

27. Sexy Greedo-

No shots would have been fired that day in the Cantina if Greedo looked like cosplayer Corinne Alexandra does in her awesome Sexy Greedo costume.

(Image Link)

28. Chef Vader serving fresh Jar-Jar Tartar-

Chef Vader uses his culinary skills to give Star Wars fans what they want- Jar-Jar's head on a platter!

(Image via Victor Gamez/Flickr)

29. TIE Fighter Head-

This guy's not content with merely being a TIE fighter pilot, he wants to become the vehicle so he can really feel the stars streaming by his head.

(Image Link)

30. Pimp Vader-

He's the baddest mofo in the galaxy, and those troopers betta have his money or he's liable to force choke a fool!

(Image Link)

Star Wars and silly go together like Ewoks and loincloths, and as long as cosplayers are willing to get silly with their costumes we'll keep sharing the fun!

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