14 Unbelievably Weird Video Games

From the beginning, video games have been weird -you have to admit, it does seem strange that a plumber would have to fight a gorilla named "Donkey" or that a weird yellow thing is murdered by ghosts until he eats a pill that turns them blue and suddenly lets him eat the ghosts. That being said, some games are far, far weirder than others. These 14 titles show just how strange gaming can get.

Boong-Ga Boong-Ga

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Have you ever wished you were a proctologist, but didn't want to go through the years of extensive training to become a doctor? Then Boong-Ga Boong-Ga is the game for you! In this seriously strange arcade game, you spank a rubber butt until it's time for kancho -that is, jamming the foam finger into the anus. Perhaps even stranger is the mere fact that kancho isn't something these game designers made up, but an actual bullying game popular in Korea and Japan.

In Boong-Ga Boong-Ga you can at least direct your punishment to someone specific. Victims in the game include an ex-girlfriend, a gold-digger, a mother-in-law and, perhaps the only worthy victim, a child molester. I guess if you insist on jamming a finger into an unsuspecting victim's behind, at least you could limit it to virtual characters.

Hatoful Boyfriend

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There are plenty of dating simulators in Japan, but only one involves pigeons. The basic premise is that you are attending a posh school, flirting with classmates, making friends all while solving a mystery. Oh, and you're the only human in the school, as the rest of the characters are pigeons. If you've just been dying to live life as a pigeon-lover, you're in luck -the PC game is available in English.

Mister Mosquito

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Don't want to live life as a pigeon? How about a mosquito? This sucky game lets you bug a suburban family, trying to drink their blood from specific body parts so you can prepare for the upcoming winter. The challenge? If you're spotted, the humans might just swat you and squish you.

While there is a badly translated version of this game available for the PS2, fans claim the original Japanese version is much better.

Super Table Flip

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Are you already dreading the upcoming holiday season and all that family time that comes with it? If so, you might enjoy Super Table Flip. This strange arcade game basically involves pounding on your dinner table in frustration and eventually flipping over the table after you hear distressing news. The game is a great way to relieve stress -especially if you have to deal with a particularly frustrating family.

Of course, if you get stressed by weddings, your co-workers and stupid bar patrons, you may prefer the other scenarios available in the game.

Toilet Kids

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If you took a fairly normal shooting game and then changed all of the details to be poop-related, you would be playing toilet kids. The landscape looks like piles of poo. The enemies shoot poop at you. People are toilets and your main boss is the evil Urinal.

Amazingly, there is a plot to this odd PC game, but it is just as strange as the rest of the game. Basically, you're a little boy who goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night and gets sucked into the magically horrific toilet world.

The Houchi Play

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It seems like just playing this Xbox 360 game should land you on a registry somewhere as the main goal is to stalk underage girls in school girl costumes. You must sneak up on them when they are looking away and freeze in place when they look at you. Power ups include a bottle of hooch that increases your courage so you can sneak up on the girls faster.

Bad Mojo

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If you base a PC game on one of Franz Kafka's works, you'd better make it weird. And Bad Mojo, based on Metamorphosis is, indeed, bizarre. In this game, you play Roger Samms, an entomologist who is planning to embezzle money so he can get out of his crummy living situation. Unfortunately, things only get crummier when Samms' mother's enchanted locket curses him and turns him into a cockroach, which is how you spend most of the game. Unsurprisingly, of the four possible endings, only one is remotely positive.


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When Vincent Brooks' girlfriend Katherine starts talking about marriage, he starts having nightmares that can only be ended by puzzle-solving. The nightmares become more complex after Vincent meets an intriguing girl named Catherine that he begins having an affair with. Game play alternates between nightmares and daytime activities revolving around Vincent's life.

As the game progresses, Vincent's morality meter affects his relationships with other people, especially Catherine. The morality meter ends up affecting the different game outcomes. The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 game was popular, with over 20 hours of engaging game play.

Zombie Nation

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Zombies are hardly a strange concept these days and this game sounds like it could be a knock-off tribute to Z Nation. But that's not at all what this game is. Instead, it's a game that combines zombies and samurai. Even that wouldn't be so strange, but what puts this game over the top is that you're actually playing as a severed, floating samurai head that shoots zombies through your eyeballs. As for the zombies, they're not just undead creatures. No, they are zombies controlled by an alien who crashed into Earth. So, to summarize, the hero is a floating, dismembered samurai head out to destroy the zombies controlled by an alien.

LSD: Dream Emulator

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For those who live their life just saying "no," but always curious how it would feel to say "yes," this game is essentially an acid trip on Play Station. There is no actual goal in the game. You simply went through a surreal journey through a dreamscape, exploring and investigating the odd things you come in contact with.


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If you liked the concept of Tamagotchi, but didn't like the plain old pets available, you might have loved the 1998 Dreamcast game Seaman. The dynamics of Seaman were similar to Tamagotchi in that you care for a virtual pet by providing it food, affection and more. While it was a little different that you had to use a microphone as your controller, the big difference between Seaman and Tamagotchi was the fact that the pet happened to be a fish with a human face that eventually evolves into a frog with a human face.

Muscle March

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When someone steals a body builder's protein powder, it's up to that muscleman and his friends to get it back by striking a pose to fit through holes the burglar busted through the wall while making his escape. Players of this Wii game can choose between a variety of playable, well-oiled characters, including a Spaniard wearing a top hat and a bodybuilding Norwegian polar bear.

Killer 7

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Plenty of games allow you to play as different characters, but only one game allows you to play as an assassin with seven split personalities, each with its own specialty weapon and skill. As if that wasn't weird enough, you also interact with ghosts throughout the game -one of whom is a gimp on a bungee cord. As for the villains, they are shape-shifting, mutant, suicide bombers that can only be seen by your character. While the story explores relations between the US and Japan, it ultimately comes down to the eternal battle of good vs. evil.

Japan World Cup 3

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You'd be forgiven if you thought this was a game related to soccer. Instead it's a PC horse race betting game. But even that isn't so simple -aside from horses, you can also run as a yeti, a walrus, a Trojan horse an even a  steam-powered robot kaiju.

My personal favorite weird game is still Katamari Damacy, but since that one is pretty popular these days, it has become normalized in some ways. What about you guys? What is the weirdest game you've ever played? And have any of you played these bizarre videogames?

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