Every State, Ranked by How Miserable Its Summers Are

What is summer like in your state? Is it unbearably hot and humid, or just hot? Are there wall-to-wall tourists, or do they avoid your state because it's boring? There's more to a pleasant summer than temperature, and Thrillist takes many factors into account when ranking where you might want to spend your summer vacation time. For example:

11. Kansas

It's kinda like Oklahoma, but with fewer onions on the burgers and a roughly equal number of tornado warnings.

10. South Carolina

Little-known fact: During the summer months, the South Carolina town of Mount Pleasant renames itself “Mount How Is It Possible That My Body Is Both Slippery and Sticky Right Now Don’t Touch Me I’m Gross It’s Even Too Hot to Enjoy a Plate of Mustard-Forward Barbecue Pass The Cheerwine As It Is My Only Refuge From This Unyielding Hazy Inferno.”

For real. They have to change the signs and everything.

Also, Myrtle Beach has one of America’s most impressive collections of dads in golf shorts.

And to think that there are nine states with more miserable summers than that! See how yours ranks in the list at Thrillist.

(Image credit: Daniel Fishel/Thrillist)

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Wow. How can New Mexico be number nine? I mean, the sun can hit like the nuclear fireball that it is, but it is so dry that your shirts don't even get wet! (All of my shirts instead get this crust of dry salt on the back, if I'm out a lot in the summer)
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Living in SW FL since 2001. My only complaint about summer is that it is so long. AC and swimming pools help, but it gets to be a drag. Still beats winter blizzards, etc. back in CNY.
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I'm from Florida, #8 on the list. One summer I went to NC (#31) to do some hiking in the mountains. I thought it was lovely cool summer weather. Oddly, the only people I met were those either visiting from FL or who had moved there from FL. I then figured out that perhaps the locals and Northerners thought it was "hot" and "muggy", so only crazy Floridians were on the trail.

FWIW, I moved to Santa Fe. NM is #9 on the list. I would much rather be in SF in summer than FL. The extra 2,000 feet elevation makes a big difference compared with Albuquerque.
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