Store Owner Sets Trap For Burglar And Tapes The Whole Thing

One of the most frustrating things about having your home or business broken into is the fact that the thieves are almost never caught in the act by law enforcement officials, and video isn't always enough to put them away for their crimes.

Convenience store owners are more familiar with this frustration than most, and for some reason even the lowliest and most cowardly crook will take a stab at robbing a convenience store for some quick cash.

But most convenience store crooks just grab the cash and dash, so how do you deal with a sneaky burglar who keeps breaking in and robbing the store in the middle of the night?

(YouTube Link)

You set a trap for them, that's how, and one clever owner not only trapped the thief- he recorded the whole break-in on video! (Contains NSFW language)

-Via Viralnova

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In Toronto, florist-shop had been burglared/robbed several times, so when the owner caught the guy and locked him in a back room, to call the cops, HE was arrested for illegally imprisoning the badguy! And it cost him so much to fight that in court, the store went bankrupt. And (in small print) the newspapers reported that there wasn't enough evidence to charge the badguy. It's been a subject of some controversy and some altering of police attitudes.
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The cage is probably for the store's more expensive products. It looks empty, so the store owner probably just got it installed.

It's not unusual for police officers to take a long time to respond to break-in alarms in high-crime areas. Pomona, California, is pretty bad crime-wise.

I think the store owner was complaining about thieves stealing his stuff (not necessarily cash).

Lastly, the trap is the hallway door can only be opened from the room - once the door slams shut, the thief is trapped in the hallway with no way out. :)
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I have so many questions. Why is there a cage? Why didn't the robber go out the same direction he came in? Did it really take the police an hour to respond to the alarm company? Who leave cash in the store over night without using a safe? How was this a trap and not just a circumstance?
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