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Six Of The Strangest Things Found In Locked Safes

People get awfully excited when they find a sealed safe, and even though the odds of finding anything great in the safe are slim the nagging question of what’s inside demands an answer.

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Most of the time money is spent on a locksmith only to discover the safe is empty, but sometimes people get lucky and find something valuable...and sometimes they find something horrifying.

Here are six of the strangest things ever found in a locked safe:

1. A Whole Lotta Heroin-

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Once upon a time a dumb drug dealer took the idea of "safe keeping" too literally, thinking his stash would be best kept in a locked safe in the trunk of his car.

When he was pulled over for a routine traffic stop, drug dealer Dustin denied knowing anything about the eight bricks of heroin being held by his passenger Crystal.

But the safe key in Dustin's possession gave him away, and the cops opened the safe in his trunk and found 100 bricks of heroin inside, valued at over $50,000. Now Dustin is safely locked behind bars...

2. Child porn and live grenade-

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Redditor cakegirl8 thought she was getting a killer deal on a fun, and potentially valuable, mystery when she bought a locked safe on Craigslist for a mere $100, but the contents proved to be most unsettling.

Upon opening the safe she discovered a live grenade hanging from the door, and a bunch of SD cards inside. Ever curious about what she'd bought, cakegirl8 took a peek at those cards and found they were full of child porn.

She quickly turned the entire safe and its contents over to the police, discovering that $100 buys you a strange story to tell and a bunch of disgusting images you can't unsee.

3. A Crying Baby-

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When playing hide and go seek it's probably best you don't use a hotel safe as a hiding spot, because if that door accidentally closes somebody might suffocate in there.

A Brooklyn couple staying at a hotel in Niagara Falls discovered their infant had been locked in the room's safe by the baby's older sibling.

A maintenance worker was able to free the child after about twenty minutes, but something tells me those kids won't be playing hide-and-seek again anytime soon!

4. Creepy Video Cassettes-

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Sometimes, instead of solving a mystery, the act of opening a safe actually leads to yet another mystery, one that cannot be answered without severely damaging the psyche of the safe's new owner.

Redditor lmbrjack discovered this the hard way when he found a locked safe behind a locked door in a hidden crawlspace in his attic.

Someone was obviously trying to keep the safe's contents well hidden, and when he got the safe opened he discovered a bunch of video tapes and some scrawled messages that said "Do Not" and "Save Yourself".

The Redditor was asked by the Sheriff to turn over the safe and its contents, and take down any posts related to the safe's contents, because they're part of an ongoing investigation. As of now there is no more information available about what might be on those creepy video cassette tapes.

5. A Dead Man-

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The word "safe" might lead you to believe a safe is a good place to hide from the wickedness in the world, but take it from the Texas man who died in his gun safe- hiding in a safe won't help you stay alive, because there's no air in there!

A 34-year-old man thought to be missing for over a week before his body was discovered in a locked gun safe in his closet, with no clear evidence of foul play.

His last few social media posts seem to indicate he'd been considering committing suicide, but whether that's how he ended up in the safe or not remains a mystery.

6. Fireworks-

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Since you never know what you're going to find inside a safe you may want to think twice about using heat to open a safe, because the contents could be explosive.

Two would-be burglars broke into a workshop and went to work opening a safe with oxy-acetylene torches. But they got more than they bargained for when the torch ignited a bunch of fireworks inside the safe, the explosion immediately killing both men. Methinks someone knew the burglars were coming?

Bonus- MI6 Agent Found In Locked Bag-

While it's not exactly a safe, finding a dead spy in a locked bag is close enough for a bonus item.

The body of a MI6 Agent by the name of Gareth Williams was found inside a locked bag in his bathtub, and after a three year investigation it was determined that he probably locked himself inside.

In typical spycraft style the police couldn't "fundamentally and beyond doubt" rule out a third party's involvement in his death, and yet Williams' fingerprints weren't found on the padlock or the bathtub's rim.

We may never know what really happened to Gareth Williams, or how his naked body ended up padlocked inside a bag, but one thing's for certain- he died as mysteriously as he lived.

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