Man Buys Old Safe for $122.93 on eBay, Finds $26,000 Inside

James Labrecque of California had an old safe, but no combination for it. He thought that it was empty, so he decided to sell it on eBay for scrap. A man in Bartlett, Tennessee bought it and took it to a welder. Inside the safe was $26,000 in cash:

"I feel like the stupidest idiot in the world," said Labrecque. "I told my friend, I won the stupidest idiot in the world award the other day, you know. I gave away a safe with $26,000 in it."

In a contentious e-mail chain Labrecque provided to Action News 5, he asked for a cut of the cash. The buyer declined, citing Labrecque's seller policy that states, "What you see is what you get, no returns, and no money back."

The buyer did, however, give Labrecque a positive review on eBay.

Link -via The Agitator | Image: WMCTV

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The buyer is playing a practical joke. The news people jumped on this story a little bit too soon. Go to ebay and read the comments that the seller left on the review.
Best joke ever.
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If I was a guy with a bunch of old crappy safes and wanted to sell them all on ebay I would stage something like this. "Sell" a safe with $26000 in it to a friend and then have him get a media frenzy talking about it..... and then throw in there on the news that by the way I have a ton more locked safes to sell.

Then just sit back and watch the bidding go through the roof.
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As far as buying/saving on eBay goes:

If you see an item that you want listed in auction format, send the seller a message asking if they will accept $x to end the auction early and sell the item to you. May be telling them that they would not have to wait as long to get their money (they would probably know that, but it still might help). If that does not work, use a sniping service such as to bid for you. It'll bid in the last few seconds, helping you to save money and avoid shill bidding.

If there is a particular item that you are looking for, and especially if it is relatively rare on eBay, use a site like to set up saved searches. You'd get an e-mail whenever a match is listed. Great for "Buy It Now"s priced right. You can use the price, category, exclude Word, etc. filters to narrow down the list of results that you receive in the e-mails.

Try a misspelling search site like to hopefully find some deals with items that have main keywords misspelled in the title. Other interested buyers might never see them. Then, if the item is listed an auction format, after a few days of no bids (hopefully anyway) send the seller and offer to end the auction early and sell the item to you. They may worry that no one is interested, and take whatever they can get.
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