This Trailer Is the TARDIS of Campers

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The Conqueror is much bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside. As this tour video shows, even when you think that you've reached the end, there's always one more option that unfolds. It's got a complete kitchen, a bedroom with a heater, fan, and TV. There's storage space for fishing rods, a hot water heater, and a grill. What impresses me the most are the solar panels, which could be handy for roaming through the wilderness for extended periods of time.

-via Nag on the Lake

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Hard trailers aren't just 35ft monsters. There are VERY light and tiny ones even small cars can tow, like Casita, Burro, or MeerKat: ... I'd even go with a tiny teardrop camper, before I'd consider a tent-trailer. If you need more room, I'd either carry a family-sized tent along, or add sides to the awning for some extra living-space.

A pop-up trailer is a bit smaller in your driveway, but it's just a big obstacle there. Even the tiniest solid trailer is more like an extra room added onto your house, inconspicuous and always ready to use.
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I have a tent trailer and -love- it. No doubt the comments above are true but it is easy to tow and possible to store on my small-ish urban parking pad at home.
If you are already a truck person living on acerage, a hard trailer is for you. But for practical living in the city my tent trailer is awesome. And this thing would take it to the
Next level. Major trailer envy.
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I guess I wasn't clear. On her site you need to verify 'I am not a robot'. But trying to answer that question was impossible because the 'capsha'(?) wouldn't pull up anything so I kept getting knocked back to square one. Never mind. I'll try something else.
Thanks, anyway.
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