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40 Awesome T-Shirts Featuring Anime Inspired Artwork

Anime is the cartoon sensation that originated in Japan but has since taken the pop culture world by storm.

Beloved by animation fans of all ages, the characters found in anime series and features are a part of our geeky lives that we don't want to be without, and thanks to the amazing t-shirts found in the NeatoShop you never have to be apart from your favorite anime characters1

Here's a collection of t-shirts featuring anime inspired artwork by some of the world's top independent artists:

Japan Pop by Edwoody

For many anime fans the craze began when a kid with psychic powers exploded with energy:

The Psychic King by CJ Boucher Media

Back when characters knew how to use their fists

8-Bit of the North Star by BazNet

And there weren't quite so many pocket monsterst lurking around

Super Bulba Bros. by Moysche Designs

Animated features have always ruled the world of anime, especially those made by one beloved studio

A Spirited Story by machmigo

Classic anime was full of characters who walked the line between darkness and light

Dracula's Dunpeal by Captain Sunshine

And cute little characters who would grow up to be big, strong and super saiyan!

Son Goku Dragon Ball by berserk7

Giant mechs are always a popular part of anime, because who doesn't love a giant, butt kicking robot?

Eva-01 by Valentinaocchiblu

Sometimes the translation to English seems to be off, but that's just because the Japanese have an extremely irreverent sense of humor

All Hail Mr. Satan by Thom2Maro

Some anime characters simply ooze style and sophistication

Tuxedo Art by Edwoody

While others seem content to keep it rude and crude

Brocking It! by Aniforce

Fans love anime characters so much they tattoo their body with their favorite Japanese animation superstars

Neighbor by Typhoonic

Being an anime fan isn't just a hobby or a fetish, it's a lifestyle

Clowns Of Anarchy by Pufahl

And everybody knows only the coolest kids in town watch anime!

Gettin' Jiggly With It by PolySciGuy

Some shows make folks grumpy, because they don't get the appeal

Grumpy Mew by cArxAngel

While others are simply too complex for casual viewers

Berserker! by AlexRoivas

But any true fan of anime will stick it out, watching it all in turn so they can join the army of anime fans found around the world

Robot Rampage by Coinbox Tees

Because that's how fans of anime get their kicks- by watching kickass cartoon shows!

The Lee Bros. by Rodrigo Marckezini

And you know cartoon shows don't come much cooler, or jazzier, than those found in the world of anime

Cowboy Hustle by DiHA

There's something for everyone, from those with decidedly dark tastes


Those creepy fans of all things horrific

Riuk and Light (White) by Hope2198

To the lover of frenetic martial arts action, and those who love it when their favorite samurai sports an afro

Moon of Revenge by Daniel Sotomayor

The sci-fi shows are worth a billion double dollars

Trigun Fiction by Coinbox Tees

And are often created to appeal to intelligent adults

Ghost Girl by AlexRoivas

Because those who have good taste in adult animation should be rewarded with delicious storylines


But if you're looking for something a bit cuter and softer around the edges anime has something for you too

Tuff Puff by Toxic Ice Cream

Although we still suggest taking a look at Akira- the film that started an anime revolution

Clowns of Anarchy by machmigo

And don't forget to add some Bebop to your series queue space cowboy!

Jamming with Edward by Adho1982

Fans often grow up alongside their favorite anime characters

Naruto 15 Years Of History by Hope2198

And tend to be devoted to their favorite series for life

One Piece Power by Theduc

And even when you're grown up and done catching them all you can still appreciate the impact that anime show had on your life

Rocket Propoganda by AutoSave

Who knew watching cartoons could make you a mighty cool person? Anime fans, that's who!

Strong Arm Alchemist Combat Academy by Eman!

And the alchemy between a fan and their favorite show was simply meant to be

One Is All, All Is One by adho1982

And the timeless nature of anime means it will never grow old, or become outdated, in your heart

Retro Bebop by KindaCreative

Especially when the characters have become like family to you

Ghibli's Angels by Chip Skelton

With your bratty older sister out acting like a wild woman

Wolf Girl by Beware 1984

Your cute little brother always looking for a snack

Ponyo's Ham Shack by Amanda Flagg

And that friendly neighbor next door always ready to lend you a hand, or a hug

Wolf and Cub by machmigo

Watching anime can prepare you for all the creeps that are out there too

Myazaki's Monsters by Chip Skelton

And you know your favorite characters will always have your back!

The Forest Keepers by fanfreak

Lovers of all things anime- you've gotta check out the NeatoShop, where you'll find hundreds of designs inspired by anime and all things pop culture. You're bound to find a t-shirt, or hoodie, that features your favorite characters like you've never seen them before!

These are t-shirts designed by fans who just so happen to be some of the very best independent artists and designers from around the world, and each sale in the NeatoShop benefits Neatorama and many very talented artists, so show your love of all things anime and grab a t-shirt today!

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