If Miyazaki Did Futurama

Bouletcorp has come up with this entertaining illustration of Futurama if it was done in the style of one of acclaimed director Hayao Miyazaki's films (Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Ponyo).

Link (some NSFW text) via /Film

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eduo, what are you talking about??
"if it was done in the style of *one* --[of his]--- films" One specific film. Perhaps because Castle In The Sky may not be one of the films people know Miyazaki by, poster was just reminding who Miyazaki is? Doesn't matter, just could have added that detail of which film it was to make it a tad better in my opinion. But wouldja prefer "That scene from Castle In The Sky by Hayao Miyazaki in the style of Futurama"? :P

But I really really like having bender be one of those fly-y robot things. It's a great comparison and funny.
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Yay ! Thank you for talking about that !
Like Eduo said, I didn't try to draw "in the style of Miyazaki", just to make a nice picture.

You can find a hi-res version in the first comment of the note (click on the link, and then click on "LIRE" to read the comments)
Or (if I can put a direct link) here:
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Guys. This is *not* in any way anything "in the style of miyazaki".

If anything, it's "what if Bender was one of the Laputa robots from Castle in the Sky?", a visual image without any other attempt at cleverness. The characters are specific of Castle in the Sky (the only relevant movie and the one that wasn't mentioned) but drawn in a completely different style than Miyazaki's (or the movie's).

The image is cool, but the subject and summary are completely off.
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