Solving Life's Simpler Problems With Hacks

The interwebs are teeming with life hacks, and yet it seems like the more of these little tips and tricks we read the less we remember them all, or any at all, when you're in need of a life hack solution to a problem.

That’s usually because the hack in question was created to solve a virtually nonexistent problem, and remembering a hack you hardly ever use is a waste of good brain space!

So where are all the hacks for everyday problems, problems people can relate to, in other words popsicle problem hacks?

You can find 20 perfectly pedestrian life hacks in this article inexplicably called 15 Best Life Hacks Everyone Needs To Know, and solve those everyday dilemmas with a wink and a smile!

Who's winning at life now? You are, you life hacker you!

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Your mind needs to move with the times. "Our Hearts were Young and Gay" is a book from a century ago about two women looking for good times (and men) from last century. The term "Life Hack" is used correctly.
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I think the whole current 'hack' rage is people just trying to sound like they're 'beating the system' by tying a knot in an extension cord so it won't unplug, or turning around the tab on their soda so the straw won't float up. These are not 'programming systems,' are they?

And @Alex: Slang. to deal or cope with; handle:
He can't hack all this commuting.
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