30 Life Hacks Debunked

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You often see lists of "life hacks" to make you more efficient, creative, or productive -or just to make life easier. Honestly, I don't want my life "hacked," I just need tips to do things better. However, many of the tips you run across are commonsense things that you've done all your life. The rest just sound weird, so John Green tries them out and evaluates them in the latest mental_floss video, so you don't have to.   

Here are some of my personal notes.

I fold fitted sheets all the time. The trick is to ignore the elastic part and just fold the top by grasping the points where the corners fit the top of your mattress. The elastic parts will follow.
It's faster to cut tomatoes one or two at a time. You don't save time by trying to cut more.
Onions no longer make me cry because I got so good at cutting that it's done in a flash.
If you eat strawberries before they grow to atomic mutant size, you don't need to "core" them.
Watching Green open a jar of pickles with duct tape is worth waiting for.
Separating an egg with your fingers is much faster than finding an empty clean bottle.
I use the half-frozen bottle trick for the kids' lunches every day for with juice, tea, or Kool-Ade.
Don't put leftover pizza in the microwave. Use the toaster oven.

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that wooden spoon one is really dependent on pan and spoon, but for the love of god DONT DO THAT EVEN IF IT DOES FIT. Adding additional weight to the furthest edge of the handle is bad news by itself, but the odds of bumping a boiling pot of whatever off your stove by adding an extra flimsy handle to the whole mix is totally not worth the.. counter mess? that the hack is trying to cure. Just put a cloth down for your spoon if getting a little of your whatever on your counter is too much for your brain to handle.
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