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Bring Hollywood Home With These 35 Classic Movie Inspired T-Shirts

Some people can't stand watching television, others don't dig video games, but everybody likes the movies. When Hollywood brings a story to the big screen people show up in droves to see the latest in cinematic storytelling come to life on the big screen.

Here's a selection of NeatoShop t-shirt designs inspired by classic movies, all of which cost less than the price of a pair of movie tickets!

Movies have made a big impression on folks from the very beginning:

Dracula by Matt Fontaine

And when movies went full color things got even more interesting:

The Sultry Lagoon by Hillary White

Monsters reigned supreme in the early days of cinema:

Kaiju Alpha by Pigboom

And to this day people like to see a giant monster stomping around destroying a big city:

We're Ready To Believe You by Austin James

Back before CGI effects all special effects were created by hand, by master artisans like Ray Harryhausen:

HarryHausen Fiend Club by Chema Bola8

And thanks to these special effects things could get mighty far out in films:

Invaders by Lopesco

Making you believe that a British nanny can fly through the air with the aid of an umbrella:

She's Poppin' by Hillary White

Bringing a fantastic, and dark, world to life in a fantasy film that starred nothing but puppets:

Another World Another Time by Medusa Dollmaker

Many of our favorite movie friends are the product of practical effects:

Gizbo by Irked Orc

And what better way to make a wisecracking alien life form come alive on the small screen than with a puppet?:

Alf Leone by inkOneArt

But movies aren't all about the special effects:

A Vintage Flesh Wound by Nemons

In fact, most movies revolve around the characters starring in the story:

Birds, Bears and Automobiles by Kenny Durkin

And bringing those characters to life means employing skilled actors:

A Life Comedic by Harebrained Design

Some of whom really seem to relate to their roles:

What Is Best In Life by ShasteenFrey

While others have roles written just for them and their unique persona:

Walken by Synaptyx

Movie stars can be a bit hard to handle at times:


But if you want them to play the character right you've got to let them do their thing:

Super Ultra Violence (Dark) by StationJack

Especially if the actor in question specializes in becoming one with the character:

Scissorsthrone by Naolito

Although you may want to make sure they don't get too caught up in their role, or they're liable to snap!:

Grand Theft Stapler by Grafx-Guy

That's the magic of the movies- they make you believe in the power of imagination:

You Are The Special! by Prismic Designs

Whether you're imagination is somewhere out in the stars:


Exploring the outer edges of the galaxy:

Guardian by inkOneArt

On a far-off Red Planet:

Totoro Recall by Gordon Brebner Designs

Or somewhere even stranger than Mars or the Milky Way:

It's A Trap! by Jcmaziu

Some far flung fairy tales show us what it means to human, and what it takes to make someone care:

Stone Wars by Punksthetic

Others show us that even heroes can be total A-holes:

Reservoir A-Holes by Crocktees

Because sometimes A-Holes make the best heroes:

Come Get Some by TrulyEpic

Heroes can be men of action:

Expendables 2 8-Bit Game by Rodrigo Marckezini

Or dark, brooding characters hell bent on revenge:

Revenge by CoDDesigns

Most heroes are a bit rough around the edges:

The Big Wazowski by Bleee

But who can blame them with all of the things they've seen?:

Brought To You By The Number 7 by Spicy Monocle

They battle the forces of darkness for our entertainment:

Trucker Jack by ZombieDollars

And battle leagues of bad guys to bring us the best in cinematic excitement:

Bond Villain Showdown by Stationjack

Which is why we love those characters, and their awesome movies, so darn much:

The Toon Who Kissed Me by Punksthetic

And that's why we love going to the movies, even if it's a sequel we've been waiting thirty years to see!:

Episode VII by Mike Jacobsen

We hope you've enjoyed taking a t-shirt tour of cinematic history, and we encourage our fellow cinephiles to check out the thousands of pop culture inspired designs found in the NeatoShop.

These are t-shirts designed by movie lovers for movie lovers, and proceeds from all sales benefit indie artists from around the world, artists who bring these big screen adventures to life like never before- as wearable works of art on a t-shirt!

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