Five Things Hollywood Movies Get Wrong About Bank Heists

Aah the bank heist, a Hollywood movie staple from the very beginning- whole movies have been based around the criminally precise art of successfully robbing a bank, generally at gunpoint, yet according to one bank guard (who shall remain nameless) Hollywood has it all wrong.

According to Mr. Guardey McGuarderson there are five things which would never work in real life when you’re trying to pull of the perfect heist, including dressing in a disguise and bluffing your way into the vault, that Guardey knows are just plain bunk from personal experience.

Did I mention he's a security guard at a branch of the Federal Reserve Bank?

Read more about 5 Things Movies Got Wrong About Bank Heists (From A Guard) and maybe you'll be able to pull off the perfect crime...

(Contains NSFW language, just like almost every article on Cracked)

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*towards its perpetuation

And what does "in today's internet" mean? The internet isn't a place...and you don't need a comma after internet and before ignorance, since it would be considered part of the same independent clause i.e. "It is sad that in today's internet (sic) ignorance often goes unnoticed, which in my opinion...."

here regarding grammar- comma is unnecessary when you place the statement in parentheses.

often goes unnoticed which, in my opinion, goes a long way- the comma between unnoticed and which is completely unnecessary, since which is not an independent clause

Perhaps you will be shopping for the same book on grammar, E Cheung?
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Dear Zeon--Your response to Peter is snarky and inadequate, even though few will understand why. It is sad that in today's internet, ignorance (here, regarding grammar) often goes unnoticed, which, in my opinion, goes a long way toward its perpetuation. By the way: notice how I used the word "which" in the previous sentence. It is the word you should have used instead of "that" in your second paragraph. Finally, here's a suggestion you will never in a million years take: drop the snark and read a good book on grammar.
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Well, at least your nitpicking comment was actually somewhat productive, and a lot less mean than what I'm used to dealing with.

I've edited the article so as not to offend any more nitpickers out there who might read it and have something to say. By the way- don't, run-on, I'm, it's.
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