A number of studies have found that facial symmetry plays a role in perceived standards of beauty in both men and women. Generally, the more symmetrical one's facial features are, the more attractive they are considered to be by others.

Experimenting along the lines of that theme, photographer Alex John Beck creates perfectly symmetrical facial portraits by digitally dividing faces in half, matching the the left halves together and repeating the same method with the right halves. The actual portrait is not shown. 

The resulting photo series, which Beck calls "Both Sides Of," creates two portraits that are amazingly different when observed side by side. In some instances it almost doesn't look like the same person. Beck comments via his website:

“The less symmetrical they are initially, the more different the characters suggested by each face. The more symmetrical faces betray their owners more subtly, however, one side proves clearer, the other more inward looking.”

Via Beautiful Decay


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