Saturday Morning with Kids vs. Saturday Morning without Kids

"You hear laughter, which is almost more terrifying than crying." Yes. Or you hear nothing. You know that your kids are (probably) still in the house, but you don't hear them. That's when you should really worry.

Rob Fee of Mandatory describes life after you become a parent. Perhaps you used to sleep in on Saturday. But those days are over.

In my home, Saturday morning is my turn to get up with my kids. I'm always exhausted, they always wake up early, and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.

-via Pleated Jeans

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Sigh. I knew this would happen, as it does in so many threads about having children. It's such a monumental life choice that people who are parents and people who decide never to be parents both feel the need to defend their choice, when that decision is completely personal.

The truth is, some folks were born to be parents and reap great rewards from it; while others never want to be parents, and are completely satisfied without children. Then there are plenty of people in situations somewhere in between, including those who decided later that they made the wrong decision. Let's just be civil about it and refrain from attacking each other.
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Pretty bold to just invent the reason I or anyone else had or will have kids. Their eventual presence at my end is a consequence of their existence, not the reason for it.

And nice to see you have the all-knowing all-seeing psychic ability to predict the future of all possible generations of families. You really shouldn't assume you know it all just because you are so familiar with you and your particular family's expected behavior.
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