CGP Grey Explains Net Neutrality

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As it is now, I pay $45 a month for internet access that my cable company advertises for $15. Why? Because if I took the cheaper deal, I wouldn’t be able to screen dozen of videos every day to judge which are the best to post to Neatorama. If the concept of net neutrality were done away with, you might not even be able to access Neatorama, because we aren’t a large media corporation able to grease the provider’s palms. And if we were, you’d probably have to pay to cover those expenses.

In this video, CGP Grey compares the internet to utilities and roads, and what would happen if they were treated the way some providers want to refashion the internet. The U.S. already has slower broadband than most of the rest of the developed world, at higher prices. It could get worse if we don’t speak out now. -via Viral Viral Videos

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30 euros, is not too much : it's not enough! the 800 euros is too much. Look at your provider's business plans, and I'm sure you'll find similar prices for a slow line (.......I've just checked with my old Boston address and came up with $672 for 5 Mb).

Even if you take off the cost of extra service layer, there is the same substantial discrepancy between the 2 offers. Hence my feeling that sharing the pipes with heavy users / heavy bandwidth technology does not mean sharing the bill.
I understand too that I'm not in the leisure business, nor running a very small company nor a pure player start up with limited means...

btw... $137? I would have said $80 max, that's what I paid 10 years ago, and those commodities' prices are supposed to go down. Had Verizon prices gone to the roof?! ;)
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"30 euros for a 24 Mb TV-internet-phone combo"

That may be too much for Europe, but my American cable bill is $137 for TV and internet -no phone (although it wouldn't be much more, I just don't need it). I do watch a lot of YouTube for work, but we don't have Netflix or HBO. If the FCC has its way, it will be much more expensive for American consumers, with less access.
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Hi Miss C,
What I am saying, is that I am already paying too much, because I have to pay the burden of freeloaders, TV over Ip Youtube and so more.
My business is paying a monthly 800 euros for a secure 8 Mb SDSL. I am personnaly paying 30 euros for a 24 Mb TV-internet-phone combo. It's the same company, the same pipes. Who's using the most broadband? My Kids watching Nickelodeon or my business programs over TSE?
I feel that am financing the piping for leisure. I don't know the US providers offers, but the French ones leave me with a sour taste of unfairness.
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