Internet Stars for Internet Freedom

Join us and our friends Wil Wheaton and vlogbrothers John and Hank Green and help protect net neutrality.

Step 1) Get educated by watching this video:

Step 2) Go to and take action!

(Via Phampants)

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If you watched the vlogbrothers you'd know what they do for impoverished people. I found out about through them and for the past three years they've held "The Project for Awesome" where they and all their fans vlog about their favourite charities to get the word out.
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Spot on, Dean. Before you know it, your Internet bill will look a lot like your phone bill, with a giant FCC excise tax on it to pay for the very infrastructure that is the problem.

I just wish the Truth or Fail guys would have stayed out of this. Like anyone gives a rip if you guys disappear.
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We actually have a free-speech internet now. It's one of the few areas in our lives where we have few regulations. Getting the FCC involved in so-called Net-Neutrality will only guarantee that it will become ever more regulated and less free-speech will occur there.

Sad reality that you believe that the line "we're from the government and we're here to help you". The actual reality is that the US Federal Government today only cares about itself and its need to increase power and control over everyone's lives.

You think Comcast and Verizon have power? They don't even show up as a blip on the screen in the power scale compared to the US Federal Government.
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I'm on board with the cause; I just think this video was a lousy way to drum up support for it. Rather than inspire me to do something, it just made it seem like the whole thing is a joke about kittens.
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