How fast can you spot a misspelled word? You might think it’s easy, but that’s just the first few levels. There are ten in the quiz called Wrod, and they get faster along the way. Now, by reading my writing, you may think I have no spelling ability whatsoever. I actually spell well, but I type very poorly and my eyesight is a problem in proofreading. The words in this quiz are large enough, but as the game speeds up, your shoulders may start to tense up. I finally managed to make it through all ten levels. Can you? Good Luck! -via b3ta

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It's also useful to put aside a piece of writing for a long time so that it falls out of your short-term memory.

I spent 5 years trying to write, rewrite and publish a scholarly journal article. At one point, I left the text aside for a full year. When I came back, I found a major stylistic error in the first sentence.

I had read that document so many times, but missed that error because I was so used to my own text.
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When my husband was writing his doctoral thesis he asked me to proofread it. It was very long - chemical engineering is not my cup of tea (I'm an English major) - and even though I didn't 'get' all of the scientific writing I did 'get' the wording in his sentences. Simple things that are easily overlooked, when proofreading, are caught when read out loud. I caught many errors he missed. It saved him a lot of time and embarrassment. No one wants their thesis to be riddled with grammatical errors. And, it's sort of odd/funny how when you read silently you can easily overlook a blatant grammatical error but if you read the words out loud you spot them immediately.
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The best way to proofread your written articles is to read them out loud. You will catch your mistakes faster and more accurately than by reading them silently.
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