Spelling Hieroglyphics

Here are a couple fun cartoons from Dan Piraro of Bizarro Comics. Yes, spelling in hieroglyphics could be hard. But I suspect that it's even more difficult in Tamarian.

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1) No specific symbol - that's just him having fun with the Egyptian hieroglyphics.
2) "The Dynamite of Unintended Consequences"
3) "The Flying Saucer of Possibility"
4) "The Pie of Opportunity"

Bizarro is famous for inserting hidden symbols in his comics. Take a look at the number after his signature - that's how many hidden symbols there are in the panel.

Take a closer look at the second panel ("Hieroglyic Spelling Bee") and see if you can also find The Inverted Bird, The Eyeball of Observation, and K2 (which refers to his children "Kermit" and "Krapuzar").

I can only find 4 in the first panel (out of 5): The dynamite, pie, eyeball, and alien. Where's the fifth hidden symbol?
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Okay, I have some questions about the upper one.

Setting aside that the direction of the faces determines the direction in which hieroglyphics are read, and he has birds facing in opposite directions, I still would like more information about

1) The football helmet
2) The stick of dynamite
3) The little alien in the saucer
4) What is that? Mickey's glove?
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"Spelling Hieroglyphics"

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