The Oxford Dictionaries Spelling Challenge

The Oxford Dictionaries offers a spelling test you can take online. Words are pronounced for you, so turn your speakers on. I aced the Tricky level. On both the Difficult and the Fiendish levels, I scored 14 of 15. I actually spell pretty well, thanks to years of writing under the supervision of spellcheck and commenters. The misspellings you see in my posts are mostly due to my horrid typing skills. Let us know how you do on this quiz! Link -via TYWKIWDBI

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It would be easier if you could understand what they were saying half the time. Talk about thick accents.

I listened to guard twice and thought for sure they said god.
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I found the accents difficult too. I listened to the British english first and then the American but I found both difficult to understand on some words. The American accent seemed more difficult which surprised me because I thought my "Canadian" ears would pick up the American more clearly.
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I played it on the American pronunciation and misspelled 'cuff'. Afterwards found out the girl was saying 'cough'.

What a joy it is to read the comments for this article; they're all spelled correctly!
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This game is broken. It kept telling all of them were wrong, even when I got them right. How dare it tells me that I don't know how to spell incessant? Sheesh!
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