US States as Labeled by an Australian Who Knew Nothing of Its Geography

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The United States of America sure has a lot of states, and to most non-Americans, the details of which states is which sure can get lost. Fast.

Here's a hilarious annotation of the various states of the USA, as labeled by an Australian who doesn't know anything about its geography. The map has gone viral on Tumblr and reddit.

The bloke got Texas, Florida, Hawaii, Alaska, Washington and Missoula, er, California, correct, but the rest are borderline genius guesses. These include rectangle and wibbly rectangle states and the various versions of Virginias (there sure are a lot of them), roadkill wolf, kite, lava lamp and Washington 2 (Yes, Aussies, we have two Washingtons, just to make it confusing for you - one is a state and the other one is not a state, but it wants to be)

View the larger map here.

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Yeah, it's probably apocryphal that it's made by an Aussie. Still, the image itself labeled it as such, so I went with it.

No harm intended - it's a funny pic on the Net :) (And no, I don't think I can identify all of the American states after living here for the past 20 years!)
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I'm Australian and I doubt I could even name half the states in America. I could pick out California, Hawaii and Florida without any problem and probably get Nevada, Louisiana, Vermont, & New York at least pretty close to the right place.

I have to admit, that it's only in the Google Maps era that I've ever really looked up US states and I was totally surprised that Texas is down the bottom. I'd always expected it to be at the top of the USA, probably because in Australia the further north you go, the warmer the climate is. That and the fact that almost everything I know about Texas I learned from watching Dallas. :)
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Definitely a funny interpretation of a US Map, but hardly by an Aussie. Seriously, you want to check your references Alex. Unlike our Northern Hemisphere friends Aussies know Oz is where Dorothy landed and California is - it's where Aussies go to show Yanks there is more to acting than 'Reality TV'. I'm afraid to say that an Aussie would not refrain by using the word 'Frick' then use Penis when they have so many better words at their disposal (wang, slong, Trouser Snake, Donga, snag or our favourite, as any who have actually been in Australia would know, "Old Fella"). Aussies use English so 'Maby' and 'Yo' are not in our vocabulary. Being part of the Commonwealth we have a fair idea that the Shetlands is not in the 'United States of the Ccentre of the Universe!' And all Aussies, even the dumb ones, know how many states, and territories make up the Land Down Under...
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I'd be just as clueless about countries I don't live in. Well, I'd probably do okay with Canada, but outside of knowing where countries are, their internal geography is baffling. Luckily, I know how to find and read a map!
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