T-Shirt Size Distribution at a Computer Science Conference

Twitter user @kapravel tweeted this photo showing a vastly different T-shirt size distribution at a computer science conference for the Linux operating system.

We see similar shift in the sales of various T-shirt sizes on the NeatoShop, and a friend of mine whose job is in retail distribution confirmed that some chain stores in the midwest had simply stopped ordering "Small" shirts (not even for children's shirts)

What T-shirt size do you wear?

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What T-Shirt Size Do You Wear (Anonymous Poll)

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Here in Florida children are only allowed to be held back one year. It is part of the "no child left behind act". Reason being that they will be much larger than the other children, may get teased and/or frustrated and drop out early.
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Another factor- I'm struck by how many kids are held back one or two years. Some of those 6th graders may be 14 years old and adult-sized. Being held back was rare when I was a kid, but now it seems half my kids' classmates will graduate high school at 19 or 20.
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I've noticed a similar trend. Indeed, the CDC noted that childhood obesity has doubled in children in the past 30 years. More than one third of children are obese as of 2010 - and the rate keeps on increasing.

Sadly, these kids will grow up to face a host of health problems, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
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At my sons middle school orientation (6th - 8th grades) a few weeks back they were selling school t-shirts. The sizes were S, M, L, XL, XXL. Adult sizing. Many 6th graders (other grades too but this shocked me) needed XXXL shirts that had to be special ordered. Just the same there were several XS being ordered. It made me sad that so many very young children were so large.
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