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Today is September 7th, so why is the Neatobot dressed as a witch? Because it's time to get serious about Halloween!

The Neatorama Halloween blog is now over a year old, and we've been adding to it constantly over that year: new items, Halloween posts from our archives, feature articles, and some posts exclusive to the Halloween blog. It now has almost 1200 posts! That will only get more intense as we get closer to the holiday. You should bookmark it now, or you can use the button at the top of the page here. The Halloween Shop inside the NeatoShop has such a huge selection that it's been subdivided into 16 categories -which will make it easier to find something in particular. Or you can browse the whole shop, starting with items that are new for this year. It will help with your plans to be the best-dressed at the costume contest, or have the best-decorated house on the block, or throw the best party for Halloween! And in case you've been busy, let's go over the highlights of the past week at Neatorama.  

Eddie Deezen told us the story of Baseball's Only Double No-Hitter.

Alex looked into The Curious Origin of Sarin Nerve Gas.

How to Make a Monster: The Story of Godzilla came from Uncle John's Bathroom Reader.

The Annals of Improbable Research contributed Deconstructing Astronomy’s Holy Grail.

Le Grand K: The Perfect Kilogram was from mental_floss magazine.

Hy Conrad's latest Whodunit was titled The Lost Etruscan Find. Did you figure it out?

We had two BRI lists: Amazing Anagrams and Flubbed Headlines.

David Israel's Question In Need of Answers this week was What Discontinued Product Do You Miss Most?  In the comments, some folks actually found what others were missing!  

In the What Is It? game this week, several people contacted the What Is It? blog to say this was used to sharpen cutters for a sheep shearing handpiece. That didn't matter to us, as we were looking for the funniest answers. One that made everyone laugh was from pismonque, who said it was an early working model of the farmship Enterprise. That's worth a t-shirt! Dennis 4 had a funny one, too: "It's a heavy metal record player. It works best playing Iron Maiden." That's good enough to win a t-shirt from the NeatoShop, too! Thanks to everyone who played along this week -all of the guesses were worth reading, so you should do that. Check out the answers to all this week's mystery objects at the What Is It? blog.

We also had the NeatoShop New T-Shirts Giveaway. Alex will announce the winners soon!

In other news, John Farrier published his 10,000th post here at Neatorama this week. That's a real milestone (and a lot of posts)!

The posts with the most comments were the giveaway posts and, of course, the Question in Need of Answers. Other than those, the most commented-on posts were Le Grand K: The Perfect Kilogram and More NYC Etiquette Tips.

The comment of the week has to go to the entire thread under Facebook-Flavored Ice Cream. I've never seen a comment get 20 ♥s, which is worth a mention even if it was mine. Many people had suggestions as to what Facebook tastes like. Believe it or not, the same kind of contributions came in at the Neatoramanauts Facebook page, too.

The most popular posts of the week were How to Make a Monster: The Story of Godzilla, followed by The Most Surprising Things about America According to an Indian Living There, and A Close Call in a Rock Slide.

The post that received the most ♥s was A Close Call in a Rock Slide. Coming in second was Diana Nyad Completes Cuba Swim, and Pirate-Themed CT Scanner in a Children's Hospital was third.

The most emailed posts were Guinness Ad Features Wheelchair Basketball and Goat Anatomy.

Now remember to check out the Neatoramanauts Facebook page for extra neat stuff you won't see here. That's where I found this funny street sign! You are also invited to follow Neatorama on Twitter and Pinterest, too! And mobile users: Flipboard makes it easy to keep up with Neatorama.

Have a great week, everyone!

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