A Cosplay Win and a Loss

BlizzCon took place in Anaheim over the weekend, and Cosplay Py won first place in the costume contest. The costume is Grand Empress Shek'zeer from World of Warcraft, which Py and her husband had worked on for two years (it even lights up!). It was to be unveiled at Blizzcon. Py and her costume did just fine for the judging Friday, but when the winners were ascending the stage to show the crowd, Py injured her ankle and had to be carried off. She tells us what happened:

 On the way out of the judging room, i caught the toe of my boot in the carpet and went down. In the process, i snapped the pvc skeleton in one of the legs. This was just from the angle I fell and the force of my weight on the joint. Blizzard staff was amazing and gave us plenty of time to work out a fix. By contest time, she was 100% back up and running.

What happened at the contest is pretty much 100% separate. There were two ramps. We had practiced on some steepish ramps and had a plan of action. The first ramp was difficult, but we managed. Unfortunately, the second ramp was much more steep. When I did manage to hit the top, the weight of my thorax and bag legs (still on the slope of the ramp) literally pulled me off of my stilts. In the process I injured my ankle. At this point, there was absolutely no way for me to walk on in the costume. So, my husband and the most fabulous stage hand in the world got my costume off of me while I went into a full on meltdown.

Cosplay Py was not able to parade her costume around BlizzCon, but photographer Morten Skovgaard did a photo shoot the next day to preserve the costume at the event. The Flickr album of the shoot shows how elaborate the costume is. -via Polygon

(Image credit: Cosplay Py)

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Door Monster Dispenses Treats to Trick-or-Treaters

The home of Kyle of White Lightning HQ has peephole windows. He and his friends decided to use them to give neighborhood kids a unique trick-or-treating experience. They created a monster which greeted the children and gave out candy.

(Video Link)

The eyeball is made of styrofoam. There's an old Logitech webcam inside that lets them see what's happening on the porch. The hand is a glove made of fabric. It reached out to drop candy into trick-or-treating buckets. The kids loved it!

-via Twisted Sifter

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Levitating Pumpkin

(YouTube link)

Watch a cute little Jack-o-Lentern hover in the air and speed around a track while oozing mist behind him! You don't have time to prepare this stunt yourself for Halloween, but you can share the video with your kids. There’s a perfectly logical scientific explanation, involving magnetic fields and superconductors, which are explained by Andy from The Royal Institution. No matter, it still looks cool! -via mental_floss

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22 Halloween Decorations You Can Put Up And Leave Until Christmas

I'm one of those people who loves holiday decorations, but hates the process of putting them up only to take them down a few weeks later. That's why I love the fact that Christmas decorations are starting to sneak their way into Halloween ones and vice versa.

These days, there are some great ways to decorate your house for Halloween that will still look seasonal if you leave them up until New Year's Day -and amazingly, not all of them are related to The Nightmare Before Christmas either!

So check out the full list of multi-seasonal decorating ideas over at Homes and Hues: 22 Decorations Perfect For Both Halloween and Christmas 

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A Deadly Halloween Choose Your Own Adventure!

(YouTube link)

Wouldn’t it be great if a haunted house tour was like a Choose Your Own Adventure book? In the 3D world, that would make haunted house attractions unbelievably big and expensive, but it’s possible, with the technology of YouTube. YouTube Nation assembled some of the biggest video stars for the project: Glozell, Tay Zonday, Felicia Day, and others. Each time you start the video, the story might be different, depending on your choices. I don’t yet know which choices are best. -via The Daily Dot

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A Game Of Bones

In the canine quest to become the alpha dog only one will be able to sit on the Throne of Bones, and that ruler is destined to be Daenerys Targaryen, the mother of dragons. 

With her cute mug, flowing blonde hair and three dragon children at her side there’s no stopping this adorable little one from becoming queen of Woofsteros. 

Will the other canine kingdoms be able to stop her from assuming, and then chewing on, the iron bone throne? I don’t think they stand a cat’s chance in doggie heaven!

This amazing act of canine cosplay was created by Cynthia Martin, Samantha Watt and Dorothy Bernard, and it took the team two months to assemble the throne and construct the costumes. 

The trio put so much detail into every bit of this cosplay, and the amazing set pieces, that it's a shame these doggy pals can't play Game of Bones every day!

-Via Fashionably Geek

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Your Pumpkin Can Also Be A Disco Light

Ready to party this Halloween? Then head over to Homes and Hues, where you can learn how to make a fun disco ball with nothing more than a pumpkin, a flashlight, string and either a screwdriver or a drill. The effect is particularly cool if you happen to have access to a flashlight with a strobe effect on it.

Learn how to make your own cool light over at Homes and Hues: Ready Your Home For Halloween With This Cool Pumpkin Disco Ball

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26 Not-So-Scary Facts About Halloween

(YouTube link)

For the Halloween edition of the mental_floss List Show, John Green has a whole long list of facts about Halloween! The biggest pumpkin, the origin of Jack-o-Lanterns, why people used to eat chicken feed for Halloween, and a whole lot of superstitions about the holiday. He says he is wearing Halloween masks because he’s being punished, but I prefer to think it’s a fortunately seasonal workaround for some kind of facial blemish.

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Josh Sundquist’s 2014 Halloween Costume

Josh Sundquist is an athlete, a math nerd, a rapper, and an author. He lost his left leg to cancer as a child. Lately he’s become internet-famous for his imaginative Halloween costumes: the Gingerbread Man from Shrek in 2010, the leg lamp from A Christmas Story in 2012, a flamingo in 2013, and we couldn’t wait to see what he’d cook up next.

This year’s costume is infinitely appropriate for a one-legged athlete. He’s a foosball player!

-via Blazenfluff

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The Truth Behind Halloween Candy Tampering Urban Legends

Urban legends about people tampering with Halloween candy have existed for decades, and even though they’re largely seen as scare tactics these legends still put enough fear in parents and kids that x-raying candy has become a Halloween tradition.

So what are the facts about candy tampering?

Surprisingly, the fear of tampered Halloween candy seems to stem from one case- in 1974 Timothy O'Bryan died from ingesting a cyanide laced Pixy Stix given to him by his father, who was trying to cash in on a massive life insurance policy he'd taken out on his kids.

In fact, most of the proven cases of tampering were traced back to a friend or relative who was trying to play a prank on the unwitting child by sticking sharp objects in treats. Way to fail at pranking folks!

Want to learn more about the roots of these urban legends? Read more about A Brief History Of Sick People Tampering With Halloween Candy over at mental_floss.

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Father and Son MechWarrior Halloween Costume

Geraint is a lucky boy. His father, Ryan, was planning this costume for years before he was born. It’s a Sunder mech from the BattleTech universe. Imgur member PutABowOnIt writes:

My husband had this costume planned for several years, long before we had a child.  The inspiration was a computer game he played in high school.  When we found out we were having a baby, he got to work.  Ryan sketched out the rough designs probably two months before Geraint was born.  With so much baby stuff coming in the mail, we had plenty of boxes for him to work with, so he just had to buy a few things to make it.

The frame is cardboard wrapped around PVC pipe and held in place with zip ties. It’s a flexible form with Velcro keeping the limbs attached at the joints.  The visual details are made of foam board.

-via Tastefully Offensive

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Amazing Jack-O'-Lantern Sculptures by Jon Neill

Jack-o’-lantern carving has gone from simple cutout features to full blown squash sculptures with amazingly realistic detail and horrifying Halloween appeal, and one of the artists taking the pumpkin carving game to new heights is Jon Neill.

Jon’s incredibly detailed pumpkin sculptures are simply oozing with personality, and in his gifted hands a simple squash becomes a thing of horrifying beauty.

Jon enjoys creating characters both hilarious and terrifying- some look like they’d be fun to hang with at a party, while others look like they'd rather be sinking their teeth into trick or treaters. 

See more of Jon Neill's amazing pumpkin sculptures here

-Via Bored Panda

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Reminder: Enter Our Instagram Halloween Contest & Win Free Tees

Got a great picture of your Halloween costume from this year or from Halloweens long ago? Then head over to Instagram and enter your costume in our NeatoShop costume contest. Just tag your image with @NeatoShop and you could win four tees from the NeatoShop. The contest ends at midnight PST on Halloween night, so upload your pic today!

For full details, including how the winner will be selected, read our announcement here.

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Ten Howling Good Halloween Themed TV Episodes

Holiday themed episodes are like eye candy to TV junkies like me, and each year we look forward to watching our favorite characters get all dressed up for a Halloween themed episode sure to get us into the spooky spirit.

(YouTube Link)

Halloween episodes are such a beloved TV tradition that even summer season shows try to squeeze one in, and even if the show is kinda crappy the Halloween episode is sure to be entertaining!

GeekTyrant put together a collection of 10 Awesome Halloween Themed TV Episodes, which includes the absolute best annual Halloween TV tradition- The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror. 

(YouTube Link)

"No TV and no beer make Homer go crazy" I'm right there with ya, Homer!

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What Is America's Spookiest Sound?

What sounds spookier: The theme to the movie Halloween, or Vincent Price’s laugh? An antique toy or a slow knock at the door? Funny or Die is staging an online tournament to determine what you least want to hear alone in the dark. You can listen to each sound effect and make your selections. The tournament is down to the final day of voting in the quarterfinals, with the final four round voting tomorrow. Yeah, it’s a silly idea, but silly can be fun -or frightening, in this case. 

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Here's An Upside Down Clown To Give You Nightmares

Meet Brian- he's a great father, beloved NeatoShop artist ambassador and one heck of a nice guy, but during the Halloween season he becomes the stuff of nightmares.

Brian enjoys putting a fear of dark places in folks who pay him a visit at his terrifying home away from home- Spooky World's Nightmare New England.

Spooky World's Nightmare is New England's premiere haunted destination, located in the otherwise sleepy town of Litchfield, New Hampshire.

If you're brave enough to endure attractions like Brigham Manor, the plantation home of the murderous Bishop family, the hellish labyrinth called The Colony, or the neon circus nightmare Freak Show in 3D you might run in to Brian or one of his ghoulish buddies.

But hurry- Spooky World's Nightmare attractions will disappear back into the mists come November 8th!

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Homemade Mystique Costume

Redditor drbonedaddy posted a picture of his girlfriend’s Halloween costume. She is the Marvel character Mystique, as portrayed in the X-Men movies. The process of constructing the costume went like this:

Wasn't easy at all. The spandex suit had to first be landmarked, then painted. Each side took three to four hours and had to be allowed to dry overnight. Applying the latex for the scales on her face and painting it took two to three hours as well. She dyed her hair for the costume which was another hour. So in total it was roughly a 10 hour process over the course of a few days. I'm sure there are some very intricate costumes posted on here, but it really was a painstaking process to make it come together

She even dyed contact lenses to make her eyes yellow! And what did drbonedaddy select for a costume? He was also an X-Men character, the lesser-known Gambit.

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These Goofy Halloween Skeletons Will Make You Shriek in Laughter

Steve Miller and Stacy Adams of Fort Mill, South Carolina own a set of poseable human skeleton replicas. Last year, they started putting them in scenes on the front porch of their home. They call their project the Baxter Skeletons.

The settings are increasingly elaborate, using props, backgrounds, and lights. The skeletons aren't just trying to scare you. They're trying to live normal, fun-filled lives. 

Continue reading

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Psycho-O-Lantern: Recreating the Psycho Shower Scene in Pumpkins

You think you spent a lot of time carving a Jack-o-Lantern for Halloween? Yuliya Tsukerman took a bunch of pumpkins and carved images from the iconic Psycho shower scene on them. Several dozen images, in fact, with up to three images on a pumpkin. She spent two weeks carving pumpkins.

She then lit up the pumpkins, took photographs of each carved image, and synchronized them with the soundtrack from the original Hitchcock film.  

You can see that video at Tsukerman’s site, as well as the full gallery of carved pumpkin images, and photographs of process. You can even see a comparison of the pumpkin video with the original Hitchcock footage. -Thanks, Yuliya!

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Mini Bobak in the Mars Curiosity Rover Costume

Friday on Twitter, Commander Chris Hadfield  (previously) announced a Halloween costume contest for the cool kids who choose to dress as an astronaut. Great idea!

He got a reply that just floored everyone. Inked Frog’s son is in a wheelchair. His father made it into the Mars Curiosity Rover for Halloween! And her son is made up to look like like NASA engineer Bobak Ferdowsi, who wore a red, white, and blue mohawk during Curiosity’s historic landing on Mars.  

Ferdowsi’s reaction to the costume: Rad! Is that not the coolest idea you’ve seen for a Halloween costume in a while? -via a comment at Metafilter

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How to Make Spooky Halloween Eyes

(YouTube link)

Dave Hax always finds a clever and easy way to do things you were going to do anyway. He’s been super busy lately making Halloween decorations, most of which are perfect for kids to participate in making, like these spooky Halloween eyes. I love the idea of shoving these into the shrubbery around your porch just as it gets dark on trick-or-treat night! -Thanks, Dave!

See also: Dave’s Jack O’Lantern Tips.

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What’s a Dad to Do?

Tom Burns and his young daughter have a tradition of coordinating their Halloween costumes. When she talked about dressing as Hermione Granger this year, he expected to don a costume from Hogwarts. But then Burns showed his daughter Star Wars. The first movie. She loved it.

“Do you think I could be Han Solo for Halloween?”

Immediately, I responded “Yeah, why, of course, you could. That would be amazing. Why couldn’t you be Han Solo?” And, even though I didn’t want her response to come, it did. “Welll…. I’m a girl.”

There’s no reason a girl can’t be Han Solo for Halloween. It’s been done before. And if she’s going to dress as a male Star Wars character, it only made sense to her that Dad dress as Princess Leia. And that’s just what he did. The two wore their costumes to an event at the zoo.

All in all, I think my daughter and I will make a great pair for Halloween. We got nothing but smiles at the Halloween event we attended last night and even got a few laughs when I came face-to-face with a mom dressed as Princess Leia and said “Well, this is embarrassing…”

Read the whole story and see another picture of the pair at The Good Men Project. -via Metafilter

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13 Halloween Costumes That Fail So Hard They Win

                       Image Credit: The guy who took it and will never admit to it so we'll never know.

You ever see a Halloween costume that is SO awful, it transcends that status and becomes its own work of art? I have, and it is amazing. A costume that is so bad it is awesome can sometimes be better than a costume that is just plain awesome. Does that make sense? Just look at the Homer Simpson above as a perfect example of this ideology. It is awful, it is terrifying, but if you were at a Halloween party with that and went home, that would be the costume would you be most likely to remember still, days later. That says something. Good or bad, I'm not sure, but it says something.

So if you take as much pleasure in Halloween faux-pas as I do, this list of 13 Halloween Costumes That Fail So Hard They Win will be right up your alley. You have to give these people credit for trying. Not a lot of credit, mind you, but at least some. D for effort seems fair.

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Men Try On Ladies’ Sexy Halloween Costumes

(YouTube link)

Have you ever heard the saying, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander"? Well, take a gander at these guys who are willing to try on sexy Halloween costumes designed for women. Sure, the costumes are overly revealing, poorly-constructed, and mostly just dumb. But at a few points, the fellows start to enjoy it. -via Geeks Are Sexy

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