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If you spend your week working and doing normal stuff, then kick back on the weekend to have fun on the internet, this little update might help you find the most important things on Neatorama that you don't want to miss. This week, that includes links to several giveaways in which you can win nice prizes from the NeatoShop! But first, don't miss any of our exclusive features from this past week.

Monday was the 136th anniversary of physicist Erwin Schrödinger's birth, so Alex gave us 7 Neat Facts About Schrödinger in honor of the occasion.

Alex also brought us a couple of posts on the big picture Spotlight blog: The Food Rorschach Test and Underdogs: Dogs Dressed as Their Owners.

And then he gave us an all-video post on the group World Order: The Music. The Suits. The MOVES!

Eddie Deezen told us what happened when Bob Dylan Introduces the Beatles to Marijuana.

Tiffany gave a review of the McDonald's Beef Rendang Burger, found in Indonesian outlets.

This Man Knows Why You're Laughing came from mental_floss magazine.

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader contributed The Golden Age of Radio.

Can Fame Be Measured Quantitatively? was from the Annals of Improbable Research.

Over at the Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly, our featured pet was Chester Smooshyface, pictured here. Chester was a scientist in another life! We'd like to see your pet, too, so send pictures to and your cat, dog, horse, hamster, or whatever may soon be our featured pet!

You don't want to miss out on our regular weekly columns, either. David Israel had another Question In Need of Answers, this week asking What Non-Traditional Medical Cures Actually Work? We got a lot of helpful advice and a lot of silliness in the comments.

Hy Conrad presented another Whodunit, called The Doc's Last Lunch.

Jill Harness had a poll on the new flavors of Lay's potato chips. Sriracha flavor ended up ahead of the rest, but not by much.

In the What Is It? game this week, the mystery object is an English champagne tap from the early 1900s, after penetrating the cork with the screw, the small knob is rotated to open the valve to fill a glass, the valve can then be closed to keep the remaining champagne fresh. Berhard was the first with the correct answer, and wins a t-shirt from the NeatoShop! The funniest answer came from artanis knarf, who said, "It's for tapping a lovely bunch of coconuts....deedly deedly." That's good for a t-shirt, too! See the answers to the other mystery items at the What Is It? blog.

But that's just the beginning of the giveaways! We've got several contests that are still open for you to enter.

David Israel is running a contest on the social media sites Twitter and G+ called the Whiteboard Contest. You've only got until Monday to enter, so check out the particulars here.

You've got until August 25th to enter the NeatoShop's Dream Picnic Pin to Win Contest on Pinterest! You could win a whole slew of great prizes from the NeatoShop.

And if you want to win a t-shirt right here on the blog, check out the NeatoShop New T-Shirts Giveaway. However, your chances of winning are better if you enter all the contests!

The non-giveaway post this week that received the most comments was, of course, Questions In Need of Answers - No. 5: What Non-Traditional Medical Cures Actually Work? Besides that, the most comments went to If You Were in a Food Fight to the Death, What Would Be Your Weapon of Choice? followed by a tie between Literally Now Literally Means Figuratively and Would You Prefer The American or Canadian "Do Us A Flavor" Flavors? Those conversations are still open for your contributions!

The comment of the week came from Artor, who responded to the Death Star Butt Painting with "That's not a moon! ...Oh yeah. It is. Care to take a shot at that exhaust port?"

The most popular post was 1946 Alcatraz Menu. Coming in second was Literally Now Literally Means Figuratively, and Underdogs: Dogs Dressed as Their Owners was third. 

The post with the most hearts was Dog Plays Game with Himself, with Abused Donkey Gets New Pants and A Random Act of Kindness by a Motorcyclist tying for second place.

And the most emailed post was Underdogs: Dogs Dressed as Their Owners, followed by a three-way tie between Amazing: Pizza Tosser Dances with His Dough, Dog Plays Game with Himself, and This is How You Die.

Yeah, we know older posts are liable to have more views, hearts, comments, and emails for the week. We aren't giving away any prizes for the post statistics, but they help us know what kind of things you like to read and share. And since certain posts did well way back in the week while you were working, sharing them here again helps you catch up on the most notable of them.

Check out the back-to-school items like lunch boxes and backpacks that are on sale right now at the NeatoShop. Get the school year started right by getting your student something special no one else will have!

Have a great week, Neatoramanauts!

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It's not clear if I won something or not with my Death Star comment. I'm glad I tickled someone with that quip, but I'm curious; how does it rate comment of the week when only two people upvoted it?
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