Frequently Asked Questions

Got any keyboard shortcuts? Sure do! If you're on a desktop or laptop, press:
J to move forward one blog post on the homepage
K to move backward
O to open and close a post's comment window on the homepage
S to start a new comment thread in a post's comment window
Why do I need an account?

You need to log into your account in order to leave a comment on the blog and to participate in giveaways and contests.

You will need a valid email address to verify your account. Don't worry - we hate spam as much as you do, so we do not rent or sell your email. You can also sign up for an weekly email newsletter with exclusive giveaways and contests, if you'd like.

Where can I create or login to my account? At the very top of every Neatorama page, there is a link for you to Sign Up or Login
Can I sign in using Facebook or Twitter?

Yes. If you sign up with Twitter, you'll be asked to provide us with your email address.

You still need to verify your account using the activation code we will send to your email.

What happens if I don't activate my account?

You will not be able to continue to comment on the blog and you won't qualify for prizes in the giveaways and contests if you win.

Without activation, your comment will not display links and you will not be able to comment on user profiles of other Neatoramanauts.

Help! I can't remember my password. What can I do?

Reset your password here: Password Recovery

Then, you can change your password at the Credentials Profile

Can I edit my user profile?

Once you've activated your account, edit your user profile here: User Profile Preference

Can I change my name? You cannot change your name once it's registered. You can register a new account with a new email.
What is Neatorama's Comment Policy

We want to foster a community where all Neatoramanauts feel like they're welcome to participate. So we have a very simple comment policy: be nice.

It's okay to disagree, but please do so politely and constructively. Abusive, irrelevant, and spam comments will be moderated, edited or deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned.

View our full Comment Policy

How do I comment?

You can comment at the homepage of Neatorama:

1. Click below the post on the home page
2. Reply to an existing comment by hovering your mouse over that comment, and clicking "Reply"
3. Or, start a new comment thread if your comment is about a new topic

You can comment at the post permalink (follow step 2 and 3 above).

You can also comment from the Dashboard's My Discussion page. This page consolidates all replies to your comment in one convenience place. That way, you can easily follow conversations across different posts:

Is the My Discussion page empty even after you left a comment? Please remember that only those comments that have elicited replies from other Neatoramanauts will show up on the My Discussion page.

Why can't I see the comment I posted?

Your comment may have triggered our moderation algorithm. In that case, an admin or moderator will need to manually review and approve your comment. You should see a message telling you that your comment is "On Hold."

If your comment violated our Comment Policy, it may have been deleted. Repeat offense will result in your account being banned.

How do I post comments with images and video clips? When you start commenting on the blog, you can leave only text comments. As you participate more and more, your account will be upgraded to enable commenting with images and video clips.
How do I report spam or abusive comment? Users with upgraded accounts will see a link to report abusive comment when they use their mouse to hover over comments.
See also: Privacy Policy and Contact Info

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