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Hello, Neatoramanauts! I'd like to take a moment to remind everyone of Neatorama's comment policy:

The first rule of commenting on Neatorama is "Don't be a jerk."
The second rule of commenting on Neatorama is "See rule number 1."

We'd love to hear your opinion and input. At the same time, we want to foster a healthy community where all Neatoramanauts feel welcome to participate. To that end, we ask you to be polite in your interactions with authors and other commenters. It's okay to disagree, but please do so nicely and constructively. Ask yourself whether your comment adds value to the conversation and whether it is something you'd say face to face to someone else.

Please don't use obscenities and please don't troll. While we love to keep the discussion fun, lively and open, we also want to keep it family friendly.

You will need a Neatorama account in order to leave a comment. Registering an account is fast and easy. You can leave comments under a pseudonym, but you will need a valid email address in order to register and validate the account.

Needless to say, comments that are offensive, irrelevant and spammy may get moderated, edited or deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned.

Thank you for reading the blog and happy commenting!

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Newest 5 Comments

Whew! Thanks for posting this article. I was just about to write about how I like to eat fried eggs with a certain canned meat product from Hormel, but you, fortunately, reminded us not to be spammy. Close call.
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