Skeleton Absinthe Spoon

This awesome absinthe skeletal spoon comes from Crazy Pig Design features the slogan "Absinthe Perd Nos Fils" (or "Absinthe kills our sons"). It's a special order item but it's a perfect match for the Skellington Skull and Crossbones Decanter and Glass from the NeatoShop, don't you think?

If you like that, check out more absinthe posters and accessories over at Dark Roasted Blend: Link - Thanks Avi!

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OMG Japanese whisky OMG. Some of the world's best whisky comes from Japan.
Seriously though, the stuff they sell at the convience store for 1600yen ($18ish USD) is amazing. Even the cheap stuff is like good Scotch but better. /
I've been lucky to have tried some great whisky, 30 Year Glenfidditch, 16 Year Lagavulin, Johnny Walker Blue (which is way overpriced and overrated) but I would gladly fly over, stuff an entire suitcase full of the Japanese stuff, and pay duty taxes on it any day. :)
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Typically I order from a site called Alandia (based in Germany.) They sell a pretty wide variety.
Of all the ones I've tried I really love this one:
That's the Swiss one I was talking about.
Their Moulin Vert is pretty good, a little harsh but that can be remidied with sugar and water. Also, the Epoque is a good place to start as well.
I would recommend sticking around the 68% alcohol ones, especially if you're not famliliar with stonger proof liquor in general.
Stay away from anything that says "triple" or "extra" wormwood. It's not good. I've tried them and it's just too bitter regardless of contermeasures and the stuff just cannot be made palatable (in my opinion)
The reviews are usually spot on and very helpful. It's pretty easy to weed through the "DUDE I TRIED ABSINTHE!!!" losers and the people who actually know what they're talking about.
Good Luck and enjoy!
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