video on the Absinthe experience

Ah, Absinthe - recently made legal again in the United States. After many experiences with different types of Absinthe over the past 8 years or so I've unfortunately come to the conclusion that the wonderful thing about Absinthe is its mystique. It always comes in a beautiful bottle with a fancy, often art-nouveau label. It's never a boring color - sometimes it's bright green, sometimes red or blue or yellow. Most Absinthes turn opaque and milky like magic when ice water is added. Finally, with a 60%+ alcohol content you're sure to catch a buzz - or simply black out. As for the taste, think Jaegermeister without the sugar mixed with the old-fashioned amber-colored Listerine your grandmother used to keep in her medicine cabinet. In my opinion, there's almost no amount of sugar and/or water that can be added to a glass of Absinthe to make it actually palatable. Finally, at $40 and up for a 750ml bottle at the local liquor store this isn't "Two Buck Chuck."

So sayeth me. The video above is a light look at a Slate correspondent's experience.

How about you? Have you experienced any Absinthe magic? []

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supaswags favorite cocktail: The TA [Territorial Army] >> contains one half of Absinthe, one half of Tequila, served in a long-drink glass with an umbrella.
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Really strong alcohol - yay. Why do we need to numb our senses to have a good time, anyways? Ooh, Oscar Wilde did it.

Sounds like drug-culture wannabes.
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Is that woman Gilbert Gottfried's daughter or what?

I absolutely detest videos made like this - jerky camera movements, jump cuts, arbitrary zooming. Ick. They're trying to make something really lame, moderately interesting - at least visually.

French new wave was cool. This sucks.
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