Absinthe makes the heart grow...

After a 95-year ban, absinthe is legal again in the United States. But there are a lot of myths surrounding the drink, such as its madness-inducing properties. Absinthe was a favorite among 19th century French artists, who were sometimes mad already. It is not particularly addicting, and does not make you hallucinate any more than other liquors. Salon magazine debunks these and other myths in the article Everything you know about Absinthe is Wrong. Link

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Absinthe does not make you hallucinate but there is a definet absinthe affect. It is best described as seeing life in "HD".

Absinthe must be prepared properly or it will taste bad. It must be prepared with ice cold water and dripped very slowly. See Absinthe Preparation
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The name does means undrinkable so its no wonder most people think its disgusting.

Absinthe drinking procedure:
Put a sugar cube on an absinthe spoon. Hold the spoon over the glass and poor the absinthe over the sugar cube into the glass. Set the sugar cube one fire. Now pour water over the sugar cube into your absinthe. Drink should look milky. Now enjoy.
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"Absinthe makes the heart grow..."

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