Stronger Link of Sugar to Diabetes

New research has suggested that a person's high intake of sugar - more than any other factor like obesity and aging - is a big reason for diabetes (Type 2):

The study's four authors, including Robert Lustig of the University of California-San Francisco, examined data on sugar intake and diabetes prevalence in 175 countries "controlling for other food types (including fibers, meats, fruits, oils, cereals), total calories, overweight and obesity, period-effects, and several socioeconomic variables such as aging, urbanization and income."

For each bump in sugar "availability" (consumption plus waste) equivalent to about a can of soda per day, they observed a 1 percent rise in diabetes prevalence. This is a correlation, of course, and correlation does not necessarily equal causation. On the other hand, as the authors note in a lay summary, this "is far stronger than a typical point-in-time medical correlation study."

"No other food types yielded significant individual associations with diabetes prevalence after controlling for obesity and other confounders," the PLoS article states. "Differences in sugar availability statistically explain variations in diabetes prevalence rates at a population level that are not explained by physical activity, overweight or obesity."

Michael Mechanic of Mother Jones reports: Link

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You should state what lind of diabetes you are referring to I assume this refers to Type 2 diabetes. Type 1 is less common but requires 3 or more blood tests and insulin injections every day. It is not caused by diet or lifestyle.
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This is a big load of DUH. Sugar and eating loads and loads and loads of carbs which turns to sugar in our bodies. I thought this was common knowledge.
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